191cash191 is an OT'er who was most infamous for spamming highly inappropriate threads in OT on September 25, 2013. Some of these threads were based on then-new OT'er Creepy13YearOld. He is currently inactive, as his 3 known accounts, 191cash191, 222CASH222, and 181cash181, have been terminated due to posting inappropriate threads.


Not much is known about him, except the fact that his first known post in OT was a post claiming that Adolf Hitler did not do the Holocaust and the Jews did it themselves on his account 191cash191, resulting in the deletion of that account. He made a comeback later on his main alt, 222CASH222, by posting a thread saying that the account was deleted for no reason, and nicknamed Telamon (God dammit, won't people realize this is Shedletsky's old name) and Builderman the nicknames Telanig and Builderjew and claimed that Telanig gave blowjobs to Builderjew. Later on, He posted hate threads to a then-new OT'er Creepy13YearOld, which contained highly inappropriate content. He made 2 final threads on that account before it got terminated, one asking Creepy13YearOld to 69 him, and another asking Creepy13YearOld to suck his dick, that resulted in the termination of the account 222CASH222. He later made a comeback on his 2nd alt, 181cash181, which was also deleted.

Known Accounts

  • 191cash191 (Deleted)
  • 222CASH222 (Deleted)
  • 181cash181 (Deleted)

Other Stuff

Judging by the threads he made, he must like penises, Nazism, anuses, blowjobs, and 69. He is a troller.

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