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General Information

3era is an active OT'er that joined on May 16th 2013. Ever since then, he's been on and off of the site.

On October 19th, 2014 3era posted a thread about how Taymaster and Loleris are working together to make money, and ever since then, he's been hooked.

Personal/User-Related Information


  • United Airlines, Inc.: Board of Designers, currently building an airport.
  • HECK NO! Magazine: Currently a model in training because he is beautiful
  • Overlords Of Gaming: A group his friend made him join.
  • P1zza Product1ons: Another group his friends made him join.
  • ROBLOX Price Floor Supporters: A group where he argues with other people who do not support the Price Floor.

Other Groups

  • erie designs: Now deleted, the group was made shortly after the failed raid on Eerie Designs.

Favorite Forumers

  • AhhTree/Russiaboo
  • Cpmoderator1234
  • suckingisok####
  • Skittleblend

Major Places

Other Information

Alternate Accounts

  • 3erasEpicAlt
  • 3eraOfThe3rdEra
  • 8era
  • mlplova69
  • Therobloxianrangers
  • imastupidnoob69

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