81U is a well known OTer and RTer, he often trash posts and creates L2D threads. He is respected by many OTers, but disliked by few OTers. He says he used to post in OT in 2012 on Zombiedestoryer2. Litemare and 81U used to get into flame wars for stupid reasons. He is an ex-RTer who was well known there. The day he quit RT many RTers came into OT in an attempt to move him to C&G, but they were flamed out. Most of OT was fine with him.

He betrayed RT a month of staying in OT. Being favored in OT however when he rejoined RT, he insulted OTers and both RT and OT now hates him.

He was terminated on 2/3/15 with 17,163 posts.

He claims to have been deleted over 20 times and had over 25K posts from all of his accounts.

81U returned to ROBLOX in February 2016 on the account 81U_Reborn which is now deleted with over 6K posts.

It is not known if he is alive or dead anymore.

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