81cheney is (supposedly) a minor OTer on the Off-Topic Sub-Forum on the ROBLOX Forums. It is unknown whether or not he is considered an OTer an official OTer. 81cheney joined ROBLOX on 13th November, 2010. It is unknown when he joined the Forums. It is speculated that he most likely showed up from around Summer 2014 and October & November of 2014.

ROBLOX Forum Usage

81cheney does not use the ROBLOX Forums all that often; He usually uses it as a last resort in case boredom strikes. He uses the Off-Topic (OT) Sub-Forum a lot, and considers himself an OTer. However, he also uses the All Things ROBLOX (ATR) Sub-Forum a lot. As previously stated, it is unknown whether or not he is considered an official OTer. In the late days of Global Chat (GC), 81cheney made several posts about nations before it was taken out.

Nationality & Ethnicity

81cheney's nationality and ethnicity may only be hinted upon by his only brother: Spydig. Spydig's official ethnicity is mostly French (French Canadian & Acadian) and some Irish and Hungarian blood mixed with that. Therefore, 81cheney has the same ethnic groups as Spydig does.

81cheney is not known to be as "Prideful of his Americanization," as his brother, Spydig, is. Not much is known about the usage of his American Citizen title on the Forums.



Spydig is 81cheney's only relative who goes on the ROBLOX Forums.

Signature ("Siggy")

81cheney had never had a signature on the ROBLOX Forums.

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