Go to hell, Aard.


i remember when you were the meme forumer of the day...


Aardbeien is a moderately known OTer with (as of February 3, 2016) 16473 posts. He was active in 2012 / 2013, and came back to OT in early 2015. After his comeback, he rapidly gained fame and became more popular.

He has quit and re-joined OT over 5 times, with varying degrees of success.


  • Late 2010: Aardbeien joins ROBLOX.
  • Mid-2012: Aardbeien finds and becomes active on OT.
  • Late 2012 - Mid-2013: He is inactive for a few months.
  • Late 2013: He quits, as he cannot use his main to post anymore.
  • Early 2015: He joins again, finding himself able to use his main.
  • Late 2015: He quits once again, after slowly becoming less active.
  • Early 2016: He once again attempts to become active.


In his earlier 2012/2013 days, Aardbeien was not very well liked. He posted a lot of low quality posts and tended to mock people.

After becoming active again in early 2015, he was more popular. He generally uses grammar and tends to give more relaxed replies. He does still occasionally make low quality posts consisting of a nonsensical title with the message being just "no" or "pls". He also sometimes makes posts of crazy ideas, such as his sometimes repeated idea of making a tulpa that is an anthropomorphic microwave oven. He likes BillabobIgnus, DapperNarwhal, Sweetdog3434, Talkbar, PokemonEevee, Robyxide (Who is also the original creator of his fanclub), and Joinerman. He dislikes StreetsofSimCity, and generally calls him "salty" or "apologetic knob".

He sometimes baits, not as their own thread but as a comment on a thread that is already "explosive". The bait usually involves religion or furries, especially, which seems to be his favourite website.

Aardbeien was one of the three founding members of (now mostly defunct) The Scalie Skype Group, where he is still active.


Aardbeien has been slightly active on OTx in the past and present.

His first OTx activity was when he joined OTRevolution as "Pie". His wiki page from this short time can be found Here

In 2015 he joined OTThunderdome as "Work".


- He is from the Netherlands

- He is bisexual

- He claims to have "more fetishes than ROBLOX friends"

- He is extremely vain, which is why "he" constantly edits "his" wiki page.

- His main was terminated on April 27 2015, but he successfully appealed and turned it into a three dayer.


  • Porks (deleted, main alt in his "later period")
  • SlimyVore (deleted)
  • PostAardbeien (deleted, main alt used in his "early period")

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