Abobao (stylized as abobao) is an OTer who joined Roblox on January 26, 2010 on his (then) main account

headworm. His parents took away his free-chat abilities in April of that year because he made a naughty status update.

After tolerating safe chat for 2 months, he made the account abobao on June 26, 2010. Abobao lives in Connecticut, and his birthday is February 9.

Off Topic

Abobao started OTing ever since his account was made, but he started frequenting OT during the summer of 2012 because he had nothing better to do.

During late October of 2012, he began to become noticed by the community of OT. He continued to post frequently until late 2013, when he entered a hiatus. Occasionally, abobao returns to Roblox.

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