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acbpandaFORUM's avatar on ROBLOX as of 8/12/2013

acbpandaFORUMS is an alt account of the ROBLOX Player "acbpanda". The alt account was created on the 30th of July, 2013. The player has posted 5,801 times. acbpanda enjoys cars, and on occasion talks to NineNyan9.


Joined on the 30th of July, 2013. acbpandaFORUMS has been a good player so far. He has not been banned yet, and hopefully he can keep that up. He wants to keep acbpanda ban free, so he uses this account.

He also doesn't use OT anymore because it's filled with edgelords and dank memers and he doesn't want to put up with them.

Ban History

acbpandaFORUMS has been banned twice, both 1 day bans, one on August 13th, for inappropriate behavior. The other is quite recent, happening on the 7th of October, for "Repeatedly being mean to other users!" He has had another ban recently, a 3 day for an accident.

He has been warned about 4/5 times, mainly due to sheer stupidity when making specfic posts.

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