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accleracers7 is a little-known OTer. He started foruming sometime in October 2014 on OT. He often posts l2d threads and just random things. He sometimes trolls on ATR and RT using alts. He is mostly known for his accleracers parties.


December 2011-April 2012

In the days of his early account, he had super safe chat on. Before he learned how to deactivate the super-safe chat, he would commonly play "Haunted Hotel Roleplay", which he now regrets. He would often unknowingly OD others, not knowing the problems with it. (Explaining why I have 2.0) After he got his chat back, he went to a higher range of games.

May 2012-June 2013

Around this time, accleracers7 played with an irl friend, Gizzmoguy. Around summer of 2012, Gizzmoguy had to move away, and since they'd communicate eachother through phone before he moved, they honestly couldn't play roblox. (they didn't know about parties) In September 2013, accl met noobkiller807, another irl friend, whom he despises nowadays, However, noobkiller807 begs accl to be his friend.

September 2014

In September, accl met yet another irl friend, SebiTheUltimtate. He and accl both don't want to be friends with noobkiller807's account.

The PGing of '15

One day, he remembered something; noobkiller807 gave him his password. He told SebitheUltimtate about it, and they decided to troll him. He changed noobkiller807's avatar to the noob look and changed his blurb to "i am stupid". They planned changing his name to "poop101", but verified emails are needed to change usernames. This event eventually led to the banning of enser13.

October 2015-Present

In October, accl stumbled upon OT. He started off making "OT interactive" threads, and made "OT makes a ___" threads. He eventually adjusted to OT, and made a few l2d threads. Much later on, he saved the OT Bunker from RT. He now is a regular of OT.




  • Optimus Prime
  • Soup jokes
  • Pikachu
  • Cats
  • Lasers
  • OT
  • ceiling fans
  • acceleracers


  • Bronies
  • RT
  • ATR
  • LMaD
  • C&G
  • noobkiller807
  • ODers
  • Wheelie
  • Fixit


  • autobots7 - generic alt
  • iiAquaTurtlez - alt based on OT interactive thread


Non-OT Friends

  • enser14
  • hotshotprime
  • nobleboivin
  • synonymousboomboom
  • Gizzmoguy
  • SebiTheUltimtate
  • DarkFlareV

Non-OT Enemies

  • noobkiller807
  • Goulstem

OT Friends

  • succesfulfundude
  • crs100
  • Lumez

OT Enemies

  • bloxmaster7777
  • bronies
  • newbags

Favorite Roblox Games