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accountincasetermd is an OT'er that has been term'd many times. His original foruming account was TokenSavior2. He has many alts.

List of Alts

1 - TokenSavior2 TERMINATED

2 - TheNewTokenSavior2 TERMINATED

3 - Alt4Foruming TERMINATED

4 - noobsareOT12 TERMINATED


6 - GreenStarHunt TERMINATED

7 - RedStarHunt (alt created by Fadious)

8 - ggguysbg TERMINATED

9 - TheCringeWolf (somehow locked himself out due to 2-step verification)

10 - AWCMONPEOPLEV2 (current)

The Siggy History [WIP]


-No siggy. date 06-03-2015 

-Alt for gofailman, date 06-02-2015  

-yellow guy of OT, Date  07-03-2015


- (when embedding was added in R+) Date 08-28-2015

-ROBLOX Unlimited++++ Account™User|OT is danker than ATR, (back when ROBLOX Gold was still a fad) Date 07-24-2015


-accountincasetermd. add 1k posts. (when accountincasetermd got terminated), Date 09-29-2015


-accountincasetermd. add 1k posts. | hoopa is best pokemon 10/10 - ign (when hoopa was still my favorite pokemon, now it's diancie), Date 12-27-2015

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