Afrocentric, otherwise known as zacmac or zacmaq, is a popular, yet controversial poster on OT. He started to post in the forums in 2008, began to become well-known in 2012, and was quickly noted as a poster of decent post quality, humor, and salinity.



Zacmac1997 was created on January 8th, 2008, when zacmac forgot his password to his original account "zac1997". He was introduced to the game by Ebfjzfiibg, who at the time was an avid forum poster. Zacmac used roblox typically, playing and making simple games, but his apparent talent at doing so allowed him to win in the 2008 winter building contest. Sometime around late 2008, he also began using the ROBLOX forums, due to his friend doing so. He was found to be extremely immature and naive, even for Off-Topic standards. He attempted to get his account deleted in late 2011, saying that he wanted to "play Cod and TF2" rather than post on OT. This ended up as an IP ban, but not a deletion. Zacmac returned in the summer of 2012 and from there gained popularity and quality, if a little controversy. However, his account got deleted in 2012 when he posted that "you bastards will never get laid". He made several smaller alts, the largest of which was Fedoseev, before making ZacmacReborn.


Zacmac created his 'new' main account in January 13, 2013, though alternating between this account and Fedoseev until the latter was deleted and IP banned. In the beginning (early-mid 2013), Zacmac appeared to be an amiable, yet opinionated person who made a lot of random lists. People started to warm up to him, before he was (temporarily) terminated in August and changed into more of a troll. He kept up this egotistic troll personality for some time, peaked during his participation in the Dream Team, and loosely keeps it today. Zacmac also tries to keep up a certain level of post quality; in the past, he did it so much he practically policed other users about their post quality, but since then has extremely relaxed his stance on the issue entirely. He is also well-known for his end-of-year lists, where Zacmac lists his top 100 OTers of that year. This is an ongoing tradition of 3 years.

Dream Team

Zacmac, along with JacquesMaritain, shadow97, and RealSteveAustin, was one of the primary members of The Dream Team. He, especially with accomplice FatherKuroi, harassed Boring (Father doxed Boring from his old MySpace profile), Moristhecat, Akrylix (of which JaquesMaritan doxed) and SongofSwords among other people. Zacmac was known for writing absurd and insulting threads about these people, either making fanfiction or satirizing their own threads. An example of which is when Zacmac wrote this in spite of SongofSwords' quitting thread. When the Dream Team disbanded in September, a skype group of a large amount of the Dream Team plus some other friends lasted for several months.


Zacmac's latest name change happened in 2015, and as he's grown up his personality has changed. He sees a lot of what he did with the Dream Team as a mistake, and has reconciled a lot of the underlying problems and issues he's had along with his bad behavior on the forums. He took a short hiatus of about a month in August, but has since came back to the community.

Mighty Spank Force

Zacmac made a group in 2014 called Mighty Spank Force, which was supposed to celebrate masculinity and dominance in the Off-Topic community. Many prominent members were a part of the group until it was CD'd in 2015. Since then, a new group called The Salt Squad


Alternate Accounts

  • zacmaq
  • zacmacetheral (Deleted)
  • smokersdelite (Deleted)
  • 420erryday
  • lostarchangel (Deleted)
  • lastarchangel (Deleted)
  • johncholmes
  • sh0tguns (Deleted)
  • fedoseev (Deleted)
  • zacmac1997 (Deleted)
  • richardpryor (Deleted)
  • phantomoftheinternet
  • slashb
  • isotope217 (Deleted)
  • blackenese
  • afromerican
  • daestro
  • zacmaac
  • theaphextwin
  • holland1945
  • newblocksonthekid
  • allduerespect
  • ghett0bird
  • autisticragefestival (Deleted)

Favorite OTers

  • Boeing717
  • Qwazola/BiologicalIntent/FriendshipExpress
  • Skellor/Zombiekiller112
  • Litemare
  • Awkrin/CreepyRasta
  • Scaryblack/Sassypriest
  • Porcelains/FriedChicken009
  • Slayer9991
  • Zakro/Rawk666
  • Calao
  • IcytheHedgehog
  • RogerDaltrey/Jone1196
  • Heartstrings
  • Kleme
  • Slydexia/SupahBoshi64
  • Zachzach74/Hearsay
  • Prettydancer101
  • Taven2/FatherKuroi
  • D4rk652
  • GoshiDoll


List of OT's Idiots (old) Rules of OT Sonrick98 MLP OC Top 100 OTers 2013 Top 100 OTers 2014

Some works have sadly been lost. A fanfic of Richiesan and of Moristhecat, a parody thread akin to Boring's quitting thread, and some steamy obama x putin shipping are some of the casualties.

Personal Info 

Zac is currently 18 years old, and attends college at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. Zac is known to be fat, and that tarnished his reputation after he first released IRL pics in the middle of 2013. He likes Hip-hop, instrumental, and punk rock, and is an avid gamer. He currently plays RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, Quake, and Team Fortress 2. He is on a competitive TF2 highlander team known as "Gibus Party Time", and his best class is scout.

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