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Off Topic

AhhLeah joined ROBLOX in around April 2014 and became an OTer around the end of April. He was known to taunt IDtalk/Muffledspeech for various reasons, one for making her "retarded" videos.


On June 15, AhhLeah was terminated for unknown reasons. "A whale took part in the murder of Ahhleah" is the only thing known about the termination. He played on AhhTree which was terminated for Sexual harassment and AhhtreeV2 terminated for Profanity, He now plays on AhhtreeV3

On 1/16/16, AhhTree gave his account to FearlessCanadian. Weeks before, he quit ROBLOX entirely, and the only way to contact him is via Twitter or Steam. On, 1/17/16, AhhTree told FearlessCanadian to delete his account, and he did so.

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