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His current username is Akrylix. He did a name change (obvious reasons). His previous username was 115slaya.

Akrylix is a well-known OT'er. Almost everybody that knows him finds that he's okay.

Akrylix loves to host OT party's at his own places and he almost always manages to get some players to join.

As of September 2015 he has quit ROBLOX. R.I.P Akrylix


  • Minimods
  • Trolls
  • Scrubs
  • OD'ers


  • Friendly People
    115slaya's OT party

    Him hosting an OT Party

  • Most OT'ers
  • Building

Akrylix's Alts
Name: AkrylixAlt Status: Current Alt
Name: 7thGradePosts Status: AkrylixAlt's Alt
Name: CatchingFireMap Status: 7thGradePosts' Alt
Name: TheNewfoundland2 Status: Terminated
Name: MrFuq Status: Terminated
Name: 6thGradePosts Status: Terminated
Name: the115element Status: Lost Password
Name: LibertyAtLast Status: Forum Account

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