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It was a nice day on July 16th 2014 then a user named Dtownboy harassed Akrylix. This made a huge flamewar with more flamewars erupting. This would soon cause an event.

The Bullying

On July 22nd Akrylix's ego got the best of him. He made a thread in RT saying his schedule with his new girlfriend and he added a sarcastic ending. RTers were furious with the egotistical Akrylix. soon after RobloxerToner tipped Dtownboy off. RTers and OTers both attacked Akrylix. He had lost the flamewar.

The Eruption of flamewars

Dtownboy PA'ed akrylix constantly making threads claiming akrylix was a bully and even CLAIMED he was Akrylix.

Soon after another flamewar sprung that would last for a whole week and lasted up to 17 pages. On one side was Dtownboy's supporters. On the other were Akrylix's supporters listed below

Dtownboy Supporters

  • ZachHelms
  • Dwarlon
  • RobloxerToner
  • Vampirebloods (Bloxxseen)
  • FriendshipExpress (Qwazola)
  • FireWizardUgly (JacquesMaritain)

Akrylix Supporters

  • ClaraTheDragonBorn
  • LittlePrincessEmma
  • KumiUchiKitty (MorisTheCat)
  • Ahhtree (Russiaboo)

All of the incident's threads: The one that RobloxerToner made was sadly taken down :^(

Akrylix Departs

Finally on July 27th. Akrylix pronounced that he will quit OT due to Dtownboy. This led to another major flamewar. One that Akrylix would win. It lasted for 20 pages before it ended. Dtownboy and Akrylix became friends and apologized to each other after the battle.

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