AllHailTyraax (aka grox2) is a C&G'er and OT'er that has the honor of being the 100 millionth account on ROBLOX. Because of his account creation (with the account promoting a group only, which is illegal under ROBLOX rules), OT'ers mass-reported him, causing it so that AllHailTyraax would dedicate the account to OT.

The 100th Million User Craze Incident

On November 27th, 2015, many, MANY forumers were attempting to pull off the 100 millionth account on ROBLOX. AllHailTyraax was created (by a Tyraax high-rank) to take the honor for C&G and his group. Unfortunately for him, OT attempted to cause deletion of the account because it broke ROBLOX rules of "no accounts that only promote groups". Eventually, when AllHailTyraax found out about this, he decided to dedicate the account to OT so that the 100-millionth account would not be mass false reported by OT.


Because of what happened after the 100th Million User Craze Incident, he rarely would post ever again. The only other thing mentioning the milestone is a place that talks about what he earned and more dedications to OT and Tyraax. Today, the account just remains to promote the group Tyraax. He is online daily, though, yet decides to ignore the forums after the incident that he faced.


Thread that started the mass reporting of the account:

AllHailTyraax's profile:

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