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AlphaHeroMax, now known as napalme, is a pretty well known OTer. What are his titles, you may ask. god, and that furry hater. Usually complaining about how cringey they are. You can usually find him daily foruming, unless he's got another three dayer. "I don't flame, flamers flame me" -AlphaHeroMax. His siggy contains a fancy "Now Leave" font and The Swedish Rhapsody, an infamous radio transmission caught by the Germans, coming from Sweden. Most used words: w00ps, so leave, now leave, rip op, and the original creator of the "MAIN OR RIOT" trend. Well at least, kind of a trend

AlphaHeroMax started OT in 2013, but why has he only gotten less than 5k in the post vault, you may ask. He has had a period of time in the middle of 2014 where he was very inactive. Even if he is the only OTer that he knows personally, besides from nickyny, he is quite popular in reality. That won't stop him from posting, though, as he loves OT and has not showed any sign of slowing down.

Alpha's history is quite all over the place. In early years, He could be found flaming with EarthboundFTW about autism, all that stuff. Later, in his more inactive year, he could be seen doing nerd things, like strategies for Clash of Clans and those war games. Now, he's an anti-crapposter, and likes speaking his opinion, talking about life, and of course, questioning a furry's existence.

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