Alphaerix (nicknamed alpha, alph) is a dual OT/LMaDer that used to post from August 2014 to April 2016, as he was terminated for being blamed for having made unauthorized purchases. Although he debunked these claims, the appeal system denied him and now he uses his alt AlphaerixV2. Alpha is a very experienced trader, as Alpha as last year he managed to trade up to 1.2 million in limiteds. He is also one of the few OTers to reach over 1 million in limited value (such as tnt91, Vineshroom, etc). He was aggravated at first when his account was deleted but now he got over it, stating that he "no point in pursuing a lost cause". There was a rumor going around that Alpha was a female, but wasnt true, it was one of his friends messing around with his account. He is starting to be much more active on the forums nowadays, and says he isnt as "cringey" as he used to be a few years back. Alpha is mixed about the OT community. He likes the people who usually are funny, kind and somewhat smart. He doesnt like the people who purposely start flamewars, drama and things of the sort. Alpha thinks that the community has drastically changed since he joined in 2014, stating that many OTers that are motivated by their self interests. This cynical outlook on the community explains why he disliked most OTers. He enjoys OT parties and joins many of them whenever he feels bored, or wants to interact with the community. Alpha sometimes takes short breaks, 1-3 day breaks from OT, either going to LMaD or not foruming entirely. He claims these breaks are for him to get away from the drama of OT. Alpha has quit LMaD as of 6/07/17, and doesnt post there anymore. He holds a negative view for the aforementioned subforum, saying that he doesnt like the atmosphere that it once had. As of August 2017, after the deletion of Off Topic, Alpha has returned to LMaD. He came back after wanting to take a break from the subforum instead of quiting entirely. He changed his name to Cloudbrake after wanting to stay away from the trend of having alpha in his username.

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