Another example of an alt

Alts, alternative accounts, or sometimes playfully mentioned as sALTs, are accounts that OTers and even other forumers use instead of their main accounts. The primary reason people use alts is because of how easy it is to get banned on the forums. Some people stock alts in the hundreds. Other people use alts for posting risky things. Fastlane250 used to have a few risk alts. Almost all of his risk alts have been deleted. Heartstrings, since her termination, have numerous of alts to still forum on OT today. Still, others have "Troll alts" that crappost to annoy other OTers for their own entertainment. An example of this is "ilovemom11111", who would repeatedly spam OT with threads regarding Peter Griffin and farts. GamermanNotHacked enjoys making alternate accounts that parody others, and also has a bunch of other 'NotHacked' accounts to parody himself. Some forumers, such as lelforumingalt and acbpandaFORUMS use only their alts to forum.

OTers are usually the forumers who use alts the most. About 40% of posts on OT on a regular basis are posted on alts. Most alts are not modified in looks, which makes them easy to point out. Some inexperienced OTers call alts newbags, because of their appearances and low post count.

Alt look

example of what an alt usually looks like