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Anti-Bullying Threads are threads that try to convince the reader to try and stop the harassment against others usually repeated in a single day, AKA bullying, anti-bullying threads have often been the target of flamers and trolls, usually, the people who post these kinds of threads are new little kids who have no idea what OT really is most of the time.

An example of an anti-bullying thread


The content of anti-bullying threads are usually stuff that try to convince the reader to go against bullying both real life and cyberbullying, these posts are usually pretty long, which is why some reply with "tl;dr".


The responses from OT on anti-bullying threads are usually stuff like "get out", "stop crying", "nobody cares", etc.


As said above, anti-bullying threads are usually frowned upon by OT, and are attacked by trolls and flamers, while some try to tell the OP of the thread to "leave before it get worse", as well as ones who said the OP should have locked the thread, even though the thread can still be replied to by making a new thread in reply to it.

And sometimes, the OP does make it worse for themselves by calling the thread a forum, and saying they'll lock it when they can't since they don't have mod or admin powers and such.

If a thread had too much trolling or flaming in it, it'll likely have been locked or deleted by a mod.

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