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Apieceofabrick120 was a 2012 Lurker and 2013 OTer. He/She crap-posts moderately and usually trolls in-game. He/She also likes looking at stupid ass pictures all day.

Apieceofabrick120 Origins

Apieceofabrick120 was known as Frostblock101, a safe chatter, before moving on to his new account, Apieceofabrick120.

He/she verified it himself soon, after she/he got an email.

He/she played games and other things with the crappy Vista.

He/she found the forums, lurked around, mostly forum games then quit Roblox till he came back in 2013.

He/she decided to forum on Off Topic and that's the end of the origins.

About him

During Apieceofabrick120 early days in the summer of 2013, Apieceofabrick120 was an Semi-Closet-Anti-Brony and also an asshole, usually getting banned as the consequence for being an asshole. Over time, he/she started getting nicer due to being afraid of being deleted. Apieceofabrick120 also created a thread about diving into MLP and would probably die. After he/she watched it, he/she started to like MLP more and more. Apieceofabrick120 hid this secret from his family and other people except his classroom, until his/her sister found out about it due to his massive time reading stuff at FIMfiction.

Alts/Original Account

Original Account: Frostblock101

And many others

Apiece's Incredibly large and retarded collection of text

Number 1


Tiger Ruins (Contains Tiger Undead) Tiger Ruins Castle (Contains Tiger Master Death Reaper)

Tiger Camp Tiger Outpost Tiger Fort Non-Threatening/Moderate/Dangerous Tiger Spawn hive + 1/2/5 Mini Bosses based on the danger level Tiger Castle(Final Boss) + 10 Mini-Bosses


Regular  Tiger Spawn  Tiger Drone  Tiger Servant  Tiger Warrior Class I-IV  Tiger Royal Guard Class I-VII

Automatons  Tiger Sphere Automaton Class I-VI  Tiger Robot Automaton Class I-VIII

Undead  Tiger Skeleton  Tiger Draugr Class I-V  Tiger Spirit

Mini Bosses

Regular  Mutated Tiger (Most common)  Sword Master (Most common)  Tiger Overwatch (1 each base except ruins)  Tiger Main Overwatch(Only 2 at the Castle only)  Tiger Captain (1 at each Fort)  Tiger Captain of Warriors (Only 1 in Castle)  Tiger Captain of Royal Guards (Only 1 in Castle)  Tiger 1st in command (Commands all)  

Automatons  Tiger Centurion Minor/Major/Master

Undead  Tiger Draugr Deathlord  Tiger Draugr Reaper  Tiger Draugr Death Reaper Main

Bosses Tiger Queen Flora (Regular Enemies) Castle Tiger Metal Master Aunk (Automatons)  Tiger Death Overlord Aru'g (Undead)

Apiece's Closing Statement.

Navy Seal Copypasta - The Musical03:52

Navy Seal Copypasta - The Musical

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me?

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