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Arvin3149 was an OT'er that started foruming in late 2013 or early 2014 but was more known by the name Realsteveaustin (RSA) or from his iconic signature, "Emos are idiots"! But around May 2014 Arvin3149 was deleted. Around the summer of 14, He began to use his alt Realsteveaustin. Then in July 2014 he became part of an OT group called The Dream Team, the group was used for eliminating so called crapposters. Sadly around September 2014 Dream Team ran into lots of issues resulting in the group having to disband. Eventually he kept on posting and crushing other people. However on October 22nd 2014 Realsteveaustin was deleted for hate speech. After he was deleted, he made another alt called therealmickfoley. Then 2015 rolled around,He began to post a lot less. Then in April 2015 His account therealmickfoley was terminated and had only made around 2,500 posts. He then went inactive for 2 months until returning on an account known as RealsteveaustinV2. During this time, he was hated by many newbags which resulted into having fights with the newbags. He continued posting until RealsteveaustinV2 was reported by a minimod causing that account to be deleted.. He started posting on different accounts such as Emocutioner, therealcactusjack, and realsteveharvey. In the new year he started up a group something known as the Anti Loser Federation (ATF) which was a group made to exterminate "lameposters". But newbags saw this which caused them to get upset and start fighting, then InceptionTime ended up into the act It was ATF against Inceptiontime, after 45 minutes of fighting, ATF came out on top. But the account that he was using was Banned for 7 Days for inappropriate topics.


Most of these are terminated.

Arvin3149 (Old main, Terminated)

Realsteveaustin (Terminated)

therealmickfoley (Terminated)

RealsteveaustinV2 (Terminated)

TheRealCactusJack (Current main.)

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