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Autists in the House

Autists in the House Theme

Autists in the House, a Youtube series based off Cory In The House, was made by Boynedmaster to make fun of infamous OTers. Its main cast is IDTalkJamesfelicia, Litemare, Richiesan, and Tnt91. It's based on Cory in the House.

NineNyan9 was insulted by the name. The creator, Boynedmaster, had responded with an insult. Later, Boynedmaster's comment was deleted, and Bambamman asked if he wanted to troll NineNyan9.


Episode 1: Litemare runs in and filling the room with period blood. Jamesfelicia gets banned, and Richiesan and Tnt91 clean it up. RePwnedYou comes in and acts like the faggot he is.

Episode 2: Episode 2 is a parody of Meet the Pyro poking fun at the Tobuscus fans destroying OT. Instead of Pyroland, there's a small Youtube Poop making fun of Tobuscus' autism.

Episode 3: Episode 3 is a parody of Ghostbusters titled "Gostbusters". Richiesan and Tnt91 go bust a gost after reporting jamesfelicia and getting him banned again.

Episode 4 - Part 1: It is an IDTalk and Jamesfelicia episode. IDTalk is watching "What Does The Fox Say" and Richiesan kicks her out. Jamesfelicia joins in saying he's "tired of being a fucking gag character." Jamesfelicia and IDTalk go to ATR and wonder why people don't like it. IDTalk accidently says "shit" and someone from ATR starts screaming "MODSMODSMODSMODSMODS". Then the episode ends, as it'll be a two-parter.

Episode 4 - Part 2: Jamesfelicia and IDTalk try to escape ATR. And they do. That's it.

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