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Joined ROBLOX on the 5th of September, 2011. Never started foruming until Mid-2015

Originally started foruming in ATR when the Memorial Day sale of 2015 was supposed to be starting. A little while after that the mods stepped in and caused a lot of havoc, so he left and moved to OT, where he currently resides.He couldn't come up with a very good siggy after he left ATR, his siggy before that being ">phd in atr idiotics" So he edited it slightly, ">i had a phd in atr idiotics once" (Which still works very well cause everyone knows that ATR is just a mess)

Received a few one day bans since foruming in OT, so he decided to make an alt, named: "TotalALT" not a dead give away or anything. TotalALT only got around 20 posts before it was terminated for "Creating another account to harass other players" Currently no alts

very inactive, pretty much dead on OT

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