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Awesomekid52 is a non-well-known OTer, but has been recognized by some popular OTers, such as Tnt91 and MagentaDelight at least once. He occasionally plays actual ROBLOX.


He has the username 'Derpfish' on the Distractionware/VVVVVV forums, and a variation of this is usually on his Steam Account. He sometimes tries to trade off his Strange ETherqualizer on Team Fortress 2, plays Portal 2, VVVVVV, Binding of Isaac, and owns Moonbase Alpha.


Awesomekid52 was once terminated at March 11, 2013. He applied for an appeal, was accepted for it, and was unbanned on the 12th. He continues to get warnings for his misdemeaneors on his threads.

Inner Mental Workings (Or whatever, how he works mentally and crap.)

There are 2 forms of Awesomekid52, which both alternate randomly during daytime, and are minimally affected by mood and stimuli.

Form 1: Stable. He acts completely normal, talks about some things, you know, and average person. Also very lethargic.

Form 2: Unstable. Now here's where it gets INTERESTING! This is where he starts to progressively go crazy/insane/immature/whatever-the-hell-you-wanna-call-it. It works in a few phases.

1.Mind starts to think faster, quite helpful if you wanna solve a math problem fast or something.

1a. Same with 1, yet more prone to mistakes.

2. Difficult to focus on serious/slow-speed topics, loss of work ethnic evident. Equivalent to that one guy at the office who never works.

3. Goes somewhat illogical. Doesn't even consider rules and whatnot at a basic level (You can't talk in class, djhawkdjhawk, etc.) Equivalent to Smart-Alec/Creepy Guy hybrid.

4. Batshit insane. Sends out his army of alts, and usually terrorizes OT_CHATROOM, Doodle or Die's TF2 Room, the Forums themselves, and sometimes others. This phase is usually why he gets banned (Currently IP banned! Club can't handle me.)

5. Either reverses in order, goes down to 2 or 1a and reverses, or completely goes back to Form 1.

Sleeping resets the cycle.