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Baconite is an Off Topic user who has been foruming since late 2011.


Exploiting and pging

Criticized for his use of exploits and for being a known pger (account stealer). Having been a founder of the hack site "" and being an active part of v3rmillion's community. Also recieved criticism in OT after pging old OTers and selling their accounts.


Baconite was terminated in early 2016. His backup account "Baconitee" (which was later found to be a pged and renamed account) was terminated later in the year. The terminations were down to a mixture of racked up forum bans, exploiting and pging. It is unknown which caused the final ban.

Criticisms on OT

Many OTers believe he is a lot meaner since his termination.

Often baitposts and flamebaits, leading some OTers to dislike him.

Steals robux and accounts, sometimes for real money, leading to criticism from the community.

Has stolen the roblox accounts and twitter accounts of OTers before.

Moderation history

Baconite's moderation history can be found here.

Forum activity

After becoming less active since his terminations, Baconite has made recent appearances again in 2017. However, many OTers believe he has changed since his bans and is not his old self, as he attacks many OTers he used to be friends with. Baconite is now often found starting flamewars and making bait threads on his accounts such as "gm_construct" "FaZeKlan" and "CinemaPopcorn"

Baconite is the co-founder of Boostmojis along side Kvyk.


Baconite has many alts due to pging, this is a shortened list to the ones he actively uses.

Baconite - terminated

Baconitee - terminated

Shoplifting - locked

gm_construct - unlocked but now a backup




Baconiite - current main

Outside of ROBLOX

Baconite can be found on the following

Twitter: @gm_construct

V3rmillion - Nigerian Prince

LeakForums - [hidden]