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Badfitz100(now badfitz67) is a OTer with 11K+ posts, he joined Off-Topic on the 13th of Feburary 2014 during the OT Wikia raids, since then, he has created or been involved in 2 OT Incidents; The DaviDustin incident and the Winvariable Craze.

He had multiple accounts before Badfitz100 (all

of which are deleted, except for 1 alt he uses while banned; Badfitz67) such as:

  • Badfitz99 (Deleted after harassing extremekorkscrew)
  • Badfitz66 (Deleted before joining OT due to making payments without permission)
  • Bradfitz66 (Poison banned after harassing a user on a alt)
  • GorillasInStoreNow (Used while he was in C&G as a raiding alt, deleted after a 9/11 joke)
  • Badfitz100 (Deleted after calling MadSanity a nerd)

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