Baiting is the act of making a thread with an expected cause of it is to attract lots of popularity (replies, views) by using eyecatching topics. Less experience OTers may 'take the bait', or start flaming the baiter for what they've posted, often leading to trolling.

The act of baiting is usually done on an alternate account as to not reveal the baiter's true identity. By doing this, they avoid being frowned upon by the community.

Types of Bait

Quitting Bait - When a random person makes a thread saying they're quitting with an extremely TL;DR thread, they are probably posting quitting bait. It can be very effective, especially with new people. These threads will often get responses such as "see you tomorrow" and "who are you". After 1 or 2 pages have been reached, the baiter reveals that they were not actually quitting, leading to negative responses from most. This type of bait cannot be posted with alts as the baiter has to be well-known in order for the bait to be effective.

Forum Raid bait - When someone makes a thread about raiding OT, it is forum raid bait. Example: "WE AT C7G/LMAD/ATR/RT DECLARE WAR!!!". Some think of them as jokes and bait every time, while others just plain hate them. If the baiter happens to be an OTer trying to get OT to raid a different subforum, they will most likely get flamed for treating subforums as countries and trying to start a raid.


An example of flame bait.

Flame bait - The most classic type of bait. The flame bait can be a hate thread on another person, or an extremely opinionated post created for the express purpose of making others respond negatively. When someone posts flame bait, a flamewar usually follows. It can get up to 10 pages long and last for several days, as seen in several notorious incidents, such as the ForumGame vs BGT flamewar.

emoji bait - the title and body have emojis, usually causing flames and are usually from ODers, Kvyk, o0pure0o, etc.

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