Bandmate is a (mostly) retired forumer who joined on September 16th, 2012. He has forumed on RT, OT, ATR, and MT, or PC as it is known now. He climbed to 7.3k+ posts before quitting the forums to pursue a life of shooting people and being killed over... and over... and over. His primary alternate account is T0LK1EN, but he has a host of others (all in the group "Generic Family".)


Bandmate has been a part of many groups, primarily warclans. He remains in the group "First Encounter Assault Recon", but is hardly active inside of it. Some time in 2015, he was given leadership of the OT group "generic family", but then kicked all members and turned it into a collection of his alternate accounts and good friends. He has also entered Devil120202's Professional Base Wars Team, and has reached the rank of Colonel (he has 20k in Base Wars), and was invited the clan shortly after D8Dev's BW clan war began.

Favorite Forumers

Bandmate's favorite forumers are as follows:

1. Mageofpower

2. Ventus

3. Fastlane250

4. StreetsofSimcity


Bandmate has managed to piss off 89% of OT in his time as a forumer.

He has changed names 6 times.

He has no real interesting facts, but he is putting them here anyway.

The above statement is true.

The above statement is false.

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