Banlikon78 is a deleted user who first joined in August 29th, 2012 in a summer day.


When He first heard in ROBLOX, He played as an guest in early 2012. He have later made a account called by the name of "royalsad00" back then.

Banlikon78 first joined in August 29th, 2012 in a summer day. He been using this account to late 2012 until early 2014 where He is banned.

In 2012, He was going to be an NASCAR ro-racer in that year and then successfully started his career in late 2012. He also remembers that there were no tags yet.


In 2013, He made another account by the name of "ScottyandBeulah29".

He posted a message on a board kind of relating to OT or other ro-racers at the time. Most likely OTing.

Then He stole some NASCAR numbers that been made by other users. He was doing that until 2014 where that account has been banned. It is unknown that that account is banned by stealing NASCAR numbers. This may not be true because Banlikon78 stated that.


In late 2014, He wanted to be Luigi from Super Mario Bros (As seen of his character picture) and to be a ro-player from Team Fortress 2.

In 2014, He was in a YouTube video once of the channel "kurtman247" uploaded a YouTube video and displays Him in the video. In 2015, The video is taken down.

In 2014, He made an account named "Race2Millerlite". Months later, that alt is been banned because of a beer drink is named "Miller Lite" is on the account name. The reason why He chose that name is because at the time His favorite NASCAR driver was Kasey Kahne and Brad Keselowski. Brad Keselowski's sponsor is Miller Lite at the time.


In late 2014 - early 2015, He caused a flamewar between Himself and SodaCanRobot, That may happened in 2014.

He launched another Roblox account by the name of "SupernaturalScrub" In April of 2015. He requested an NASCAR number of 2008 Michael Waltrip's #55 Number. The maker of the number is named "MitchellDeJong". SupernaturalScrub is inactive for a year.

In late 2015. He created another account named "SliderPetrolski".


In March of 2016. He participated in a ro-racing series, and joined a team. The team is called "Rupp Motorsports" Founded by : SimF1Maker. His teammates in that team are SimF1Maker and Schlep82.

Months has passed for that account, But now currently Banlikon78's unsure He's still in that team. SliderPetrolski is locked (Account has been locked so He couldn't log on).

Then He created Another account by the name of Bayleef9. Bayleef9 is an alt to SliderPetrolski. Bayleef9's Join date is 2/29/2016 and then inactive at the same day. Months has passed for that account.

In mid-2016, He finally made another account named Yanmaa. He is currently active in that account to this day.


There is a video that He shot and putted it into YouTube. The YouTube video is about a NASCAR crash that has cars involved in a wreck.

He was racing in a series called "Roblox NASCAR Authentics Racing Association Series" Owned by: generallee08. He is racing against Schlep82, CamSamWill, and More ro-racers in that group. Later in that series, generallee08 later kicked about 65 users out of the group, This will include Yanmaa, and some other people that used to be in the series group. That caused to quit or "retire" that series. Some of the players that were kicked are still in naras today, Some other ro-racers left NARAS but not sure of who lefted. Months passed for that small incident (not relating to ot).

He had made another account by the name of "Kurt_C0bain" as Yanmaa's alternate account. After all of those months, He may be quitted OTing since late 2014 or early 2015.


In the start of 2018, He is still using the account of Yanmaa and He still is to this day.


10/13/2016 UPDATE : A account that claimed He made these accounts otredmeem, joshkyle87, looneytunes45737, miguelcaminofan5, banlikon78ALT, 104730483. It's unknown this account had these accounts.

11/6/2016 UPDATE : A YouTube video is surfaced that is Yanmaa is in the video.

YouTube Link :

11/16/2016 UPDATE : Here's Proof that Banlikon78 got ban with the picture.

Twitter Link :

11/25/2016 UPDATE : Banlikon78 posted a picture of Himself and a ro-racer.

ROBLOX Picture :

1/5/2017 UPDATE : Added 2017 Info. 2013 Info has been available to view.

1/24/2017 UPDATE: He has made the accounts named otredmeem, joshkyle87, looneytunes45737, miguelcaminofan5, banlikon78ALT.

1/29/2017 UPDATE : Banlikon78 uploaded a ROBLOX NASCAR crash video into YouTube.

YouTube Link :

The ROBLOX link to the song will be updated, Currently it's missing.

2/26/2017 UPDATE : generallee08 just kicked out about 65 out of the group, That will include Yanmma to be out of the series group causing to quit or "retire" that series.

4/15/2017 UPDATE : Removed the first person dialog, and then replaced as the third person dialog.

7/4/2017 UPDATE : He have made another account which is focused on NR2003 (NASCAR Racing 2003 Season) and it's schemes.

12/10/2017 UPDATE : Added minor edits to this page.

1/10/2018 UPDATE : Added some more minor edits to this page.

7/21/2018 UPDATE : Fixed, and cleaned this page.


  • He was last seen on 4/6/2014 as Banlikon78.
  • Favorite Game is Roblox Reality Racing: ALPHA 0.8.0 By Qwertygiy in 2013.
  • Favorite OT'er is tanlolol12345.
  • 1 Flamewar Caused.
  • Groups that He participated in : "[MK] Mushroom Kingdom", "Traxxas Truck Series", And "Nascar Discount Tire Cup Series".
  • Groups that his alts participated in : "Nascar Axalta Racing Series™".
  • Banlikon78 is a NASCAR fan.
  • #77 is His lucky number.
  • He loves swimming.