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BauKek (Bauabaalt, joined October 17, 2012) is a Roblox OTer who now forums more widely than just OT, making posts in ATR (All Things Roblox) and is a self proclaimed RTer (Roblox Talk). Still, he is more active in OT.

Bauabaalt changed his username to BauKek.

BauKek's favorite OTers

These are BauKek's self proclaimed favorite OTers as of August 2015.

  1. Yoshiandgoomba2
  2. Russiaboo
  3. Wintell
  4. YoungObey
  5. IcyTheHedgeHog
  6. 2spooky4meh
  7. ColorfulBrendon
  8. rockytree
  9. s3j
  10. ImminentDoom

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