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“say murdoph walker fast” -ben102214, August 2014

Ben102214 is a male OT'er who is very calm at most times. Although his mood seems to change to annoyed and hostile when someone makes a Muslim jokes or says "Allah hu Akbar!". He is able to filterpass, and showed this once in one of GFinks OT party's. Someone asked him to do it again, he

then stated "lolno, i dont want to taint this acc with a 3 dayer"

He commonly makes "meme" jokes, making threads titled "DEEZ NUTS" and the body being "HA, GOTEEEE" Or saying "Ask a Kawaii furry anything x3".

He is pretty friendly, although he may make rather "immature" jokes at times.

His friends are PokemonEevee/beryljasper and hjo337.

He dislikes Redivian, super79mario, IcyTheHedgehog and momomarshmallow.

He may come off as narcissistic, rude, and arrogant. But he can be very polite at times too.

He is the creator of the "This is spam" copypasta.

"This thread is spam. Alright, so I've been noticing the spam on this forum has increased by at least 70% since last October, this is in fact very, VERY, disappointing. You guys are better then this, spam is against the rules and can get you BANNED from this forum, I mean, why do you guys bother? It doesn't help your reputation, wait a second, what DOES it help? You guys really need to think about what you are doing, do you LIKE breaking the rules? Why not fix them? it's a horrible thing to do and can get you deleted, that's right, DELETED, from this forum all together. Do you think it makes people like you? It doesn't, it does the opposite. People will look down upon you.. So stop posting spam, and people will start to actually LIKE you.. Thanks."

Real Life

He never revealed much about himself in real life, except that his real name isn't ben, and he named himself after his old favorite show, Ben 10. He never posted an IRL.

A thread (not made by him) titled "ot'ers who lied about there age" and he was in it, saying that he was really 11. He replied to the thread with ":^))))", and occasionally mentions it and/or posts the link to it. It is unknown if he is really 11.


"if u cant take the heat, get out of the living room"

"thx but i already know im awesome? -__-"

"Watch me Whip, whip. #DropthatNaeNae o3o (dis my jam) x3"

"eevee = best ot'er tbh -___- (after me ofc xD O3O e.e)"

"im a rich limited item guy, ya u dont want to mess with me"

"icy heres some attention. now get out please >:(((("

"go die op :)"