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Benjar is an OTer as of January 2013. There is much controversy surrounding him, even though he has small post count of only 2.5K+.

Benjar was post wiped at about 1800 posts making him one of few OTers to be postwiped. He was postwiped after fighting a minimod named "Elysiumthoughts". Benjar claims it was unfair.


  • Benjar has made many jokes involving famous OTers; most insulting and tends to get him lots of hate because of it.
  • Benjar is the leader in "the war against minimods" which is mostly based against Richiesan. He created a group for his cause name "The Real Law Of OT" OT has mixed feelings about the matter
  • Benjar has been called a "clanscrub" (someone in a roblox war group) Benjar agrees and make jokes about it.
  • Benjar admits to being a "hipster" and causes "flamewars on the subject"
  • Benjar makes lots of derogative threads against America as a joke.

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