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Electro Kirby - Kirby's Dream Collection03:23

Electro Kirby - Kirby's Dream Collection

Birdhouse started browsing Off Topic sometime in 2008 around September. Not really remembered, a few people remember his posts. He is a friendly user with 10K+ posts.

He's hip!

Birdhouse loves to read manga and watch anime, mostly watch anime. Some of his favorite anime include Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the Northstar), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Sakigakee!! Otokojuku to name a few.

Another thing he enjoys is reading Homestuck. He also likes Astro Boy and Kirby. His favorite games are Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Dark Souls, and Dawn of War.

The genre of music he usually listens to is somewhere along the lines of house, dubstep, techno, though he could practically listen to anything besides rap and country.

Birdhouse also loves to draw and isn't too bad at it.

When he's old enough he wants to be a mechanic. (HA Wasn't expecting that, were you?)

Things he plans to do over the summer

- Finish all the movies he needs to watch.

- Finish all the anime he needs to watch.

- Play all the games he nee-I think you get the memo.


Birdhouse is commonly seen daily on ot_chatroom1, usually talking to the other people. He plays videos, argues, and just whatever he feels like on the chatroom. He is a regular on the chatroom. A few people refer to him as Andrew.

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