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BlazingWaffles83 is a lesser known OTer Because he does not get on frequently but when he is on he looks around OT for a ok thread to post on. In real life he lives in a small town in Pennsylvania and he also goes to Canada during the summer. His story behind his name was. He was making waffles then suddenly his toaster caught on fire. Then he called the firemen they dispatched the fire immediately.

His favorite game to play while not on roblox is Conga Hat simulator or aka Team Fortress 2. He also likes to play mario games with his little brother too.

Did you know that BlazingWaffles83's real name is Jacob? Did you know that BlazingWaffles83 took a animating class in high school and he made a short of something that happened on OT he dubbed as in the title The Invasion of then Lennys'.

Just to let you guys know it was me that wrote this :) I will be adding more stuff in the future.

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