Blendernator55 is a user who joined on February 9, 2008. He now no longer plays games that much, usually staying on Off-Topic. He dislikes when people use words such as "Swag", "Yolo", and other related slang. When he makes a post he just puts in random letters, and rarely goes on the forums when F5 bombers invade or feminists are active.

He was last seen on December 30th 2015, He has possibly quit.

Thread of Victory

During an average day of foruming, a thread named "Spam this idiot with PM's" posting "he's a fascist and hates black people, i've witnessed it." came about. Blend, being the second to respond, simply wrote with "Uugh.", while the thread started to rack up replies quickly.  Approximately 30 seconds after the thread was created, the person whom was said to be spammed, davidms55, replied with as follows: 

"And this guy is an ignorant troll.


Where is your proof of such rubbish?"

Shortly after his post, this caused an uproar in the thread, such as people saying "YOU DON'T MESS WITH OT BRO", "You think someone would do that? Go on the web to say lies?", and "you're the guy who likes to pretend pixel war is a big deal". This sparked a war inside the thread. It ended in the result of davidms55 being banned for an unknown ammount of time. See Links for more.



Thread of Victory (Now Content Deleted)

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