Blov is a world famous OT'er and loser, he is pro capitalist and used to hate communism. He likes to post jokes and controversial political threads, mostly anti-muslim and communism. Many people dislike Blov for this and also for being mean.

His humor mostly consists of sarcasm, mockery, and stupidity.

Blov likes to go on political threads and once had a thread joking about the problem with communism, which turned into a flamewar with over 200 replies

200 Reply Thread Link

Blov supports Libertarianism (although he doesn't consider himself one) and usually hates the left, even though he thinks that Anarcho-Communism is a possibility in the future. He wants to learn more about economics.

He's the president of the united states of ot

he's also known to make straight men gay with his handsome sexyness (_)_)==========D


  • He's learning basic economics
  • Dislikes most OT posts
  • Defends players that he deems innocent
  • Doesn't like mass immigration
  • Is pro-gun ownership
  • Likes a lot of American stuff, even though he's never been there
  • Used to have 90000000+ RAP, but he got scammed by Shedletsky and now he is the only person with negative RAP
  • He was close to signing a unification of both Palestine and Israel, but his United Airlines flight beat him up and he is still recovering to this day
  • Kool Kat

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