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i am cool as fucking hitler

Blov was a master shitposter, known for famous threads such as "hormonal rage," "i missed 3 days of school in a row," and "there are 4 genders".

about/FAQ/blov's autobiography

Blov was born on 9/11/2005, the exact date the twin towers fell (I'm not even kidding lol) and had around 0 post counts when he joined.

In his early years, he did nothing but shitpost the ever living frick out of OT in hopes of getting an arbitrary number of post count. During his middle years, he would constantly post about shitty ass threads and posts about politics as a lolbertarian in his political phase. Blov became a mildposter at the later years though, and would soon become an unironic NazBol.

He was also a known sex gigolo, at age 7, he trafficked multiple roblox girls to sex trades and fucked Adolf Hitler back in 1945. He has acquired many roblox gfs in his lifetime, including cucking Shedletsky and fucking BrightEyes

After the roblox forums were beheaded, he decided to take up a career in music and had top hits such as "I'd suck Baby Hitler off," and "Aids is not that bad"

Right now, he sits at the ripe age of 10, his boipucci still tight and his cock still youthful and vigorous.


  • i only like 3 people in OT, really