Boeing717 is one of the most well-known and influential OTers of all-time. While his fame may have waned among newer OTers, his influence and impact on the community lives on. He now lurks the forums on his various alts, which were each usually named after histrionically figures.. Boeing was always smarter than the average OTer and was always willing to prove it. He was an avid Francophile. His favorite bands include R.E.M, and the Byrds.

Humble Beginnings

Boeing717 came on OT in the 2011-2012 era, where he slowly amassed fame and a dedicated cult following among the more "intellectual" OTers on the forum. This cult following eventually formed the basis of what would become the Cult of Boeing.


Boeing would usually be found discussing random topics with others, like Caketrooper, Sdfgw, crazymadwolf, Heartstrings, meldo, thebobx, johnny whatever his numbers were, and Qwazola. Eventually Sdfgw quit, and Boeing changed to his alternate accounts after reaching 65,537 posts. It's not known what that number represents. It has been speculated that the number could possibly represent the largest prime of a certain expression. He has now officially retired from the forums, choosing to focus on his life in college now.

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