Boring was an OTer since 2009. His personality was odd for a popular OTer; he was quite quiet and reserved. An icon for OT, boring was seen as one of the most prominent examples of an ideal OTer. However, he shocked the forum upon announcing that he was quitting. In 2014, he posted a heartfelt eulogy of his time in OT, and his recommendations for its future development. In this text though, he was very religious, and thus invited the scorn of OTers who once revered him. This eulogy is written below.


The transcript of the thread can be found here.


Sometime in late 2016,boring returned to Off Topic. He was there until the end, making a group for Off Topic and creating the successful OT Discord,which has been the main successor to the sub forum,keeping many of the community together and even bringing back some old OTers.