Boring's wave of quitting was a phenomenon that happened at the end of June 2014.

How It Started

It all started when Boring quit OT on June 26, 2014. In his long quitting post, he split up his disrespect towards OT into different paragraphs, and even tried to encourage everyone to quit. This caused a good amount of controversy on his thread. While some OTers lost their respect for him, others gained more of it. Boring's leave was rather sad for most OTers, and some of them left as a chain reaction. This was what set the wave off.

Wave Of Quitting

Only a few hours later (a half day at most), Boring's wave of quitting was rolling in over OT with its maximal effect. OT was getting engulfed with quitting threads, both real and fake ones. The wave seemed to slow down after the day, but began rolling again only two days later.

The wave has generally stopped, but it seems to have left a permanent aftermath in OT.