This is a transcript of Boring's quitting thread.


Yeah, this is a long post, but most of you have been on OT for months, if not years, and have read thousands of posts that all equal to be bigger than this. I've split this all up into different section things, making it a little bit easier for you guys.



Rude behavior Man, there are so many possibilites as to why you people are rude. Wanting to fit in, in a bad mood, have a grudge towards a person, just don't like the way a person acts/looks, etc. Whatever reasons you people have, you should try not to be rude. This is a REALLY hard thing for most people. It's not as hard for me, I can tolerate a ton of things, but I know that others are not the same as me, and will have a hard time doing so.

---- OD'ers, dating in general, "love": Just about all of you seem to think OD'ing is wrong and RLD'ing is perfectly fine (and that whatever guy gets a girl is amazing). Whether you're just saying it to fit in or you actually mean it, I don't know, but the ONLY difference between OD'ing and RLD'ing is that RLD'ing has phsyical interaction, while as OD'ing does not. People in this world tend to date because they feel lonely, want to fit in, and/or have lust, and as soon as you start phsyical interaction with someone, that entire relationship will change (usually leading to someone getting a living human inside their lower torso). Once again, when you spend a lot of time with someone of the opposite gender, you're bound to get feelings for them eventually. Do not mistake these feelings as "true love" or something like that. Those feelings are simply part of our nature, and instead of deciding that you should try to get into the relationship with that person, you should just continue to be their friend, and act like how any friend would act. You should never base your relationships on chemistry with another person and the looks of another person. Those will NEVER last forever. Sure, having those in your relationship is fine, but you should never base your relationship off of them. Remember that marriage is a commitment, not an emotion. Too many people in this world divorce because something happens that gets rid of the chemistry and "romance" and all that. Marriage is supposed to be a commitment, a commitment that you will help, take care of, and stick by your spouse's side, no matter what. Sounds difficult, right? It is, and chances are you won't succeed if the two people in the relationship don't have God's wisdom/guidance to do what is right.

---- Suggestive and sexual content: (at least the way you guys go on about it) Yes, it's addicting and hard to resist, but what bad, sinful things aren't? Watching all that stuff with nude people is in no way good for you. All it does is destroy you, your relationships, and your mind. Writing/reading bonuses is basically exactly the same. Suggestive and inappropriate jokes aren't as bad as those things I suppose, but they're still wrong. Sinners will often look for an excuse to try and justify their wrong doing. I don't know about you guys, but fapping being "scientifically proven to be good for you" is a load of crap. I'm a teenage male, of course I've done it, and all it did was make me feel bad about myself. In no way did it help me. In case you guys didn't know, a lot of scientists get payed thousands of dollars to make up things.

---- Smoking, drugs, etc: Do I really have to explain this? Anyone should be able to tell that these things are wrong. Like the last topic, they kill you, your brain and your relationships with other people and God.

---- Swearing/cursing: People use swear words for many different reasons: Because they are said to be wrong and are told not to use them, because they spend time around other people who use them, and because, like any sin, they are addicting. Swearing is not OK, nor will it ever be. Now perhaps the words themselves are OK, but the way people use them is not. People use them as insults, in rude behavior, to be inappropriate, etc. Those are all bad, sinful reasons to use such words.

---- What you guys should do: The first step to your salvation and stuff would be to start believing in God. Yeah, that sounds really ridiculous, right? It really isn't. I've felt God's presence so many times, and I will always know that He is there... Yet you will never know God's presence and know that He is real until you take those steps of faith to get to His presence. It's a long and difficult process, and there are SO many temptations and lies that will mess you up and make you stop trying. Just dropping all previous belief and going in pretty much blind will be difficult, but once you get there you won't regret it. Next you need to admit your sin. Most people try to make up some excuse for their sin (the main excuse being "it's a joke"). Jokes are meant to be odd, funny things that are supposed to make people laugh without offending anyone, not to be used as a bad excuse to do wrong. A lot of people seem to not realize some of the things they do are sin. They should try reading the Bible and ask God to help them better understand what is right and what is wrong. I couldn't give the details on everything, but if you ask God enough I'm sure the details that you need to know will come to you. The more time spent with God, the better. It's so easy to get distracted by selfish thoughts and other random thoughts in the mind. I'd say you were like some super Bible prophet guy if you were ever able to think of God 24/7. But yeah, the more time you spend with God, the more you'll improve in, well, everything. You should also distance yourself from sinners... This is my main reason for quitting OT. I'd like you all to come to God, but there's nothing I can do personally. I can just let God work through me to give you a little nudge, but in the end the choice has to be yours, so there's no really big reason for me to stay. Coming to this place and seeing all the sinful things you guys do just brings me down a lot, and it will keep bringing you guys back down into sin a lot too. The Bible talks a ton about how you should not make sinners your friends, basically. So yeah, that's my reason for leaving this place. You should all go find a church with cool, welcoming and friendly Jr. High, high school and college groups, then go there. Church will be very awkward at first. You'll feel like you won't fit in and stuff, but if you keep going and keep trying to improve, it will get better. Once you start going, you should talk to the leaders/helpers, or just anyone who seems like an experienced Christian-type person. Try being honest with these people about your sins/problems (imagine it's like therapy... Unless you don't like therapy) and chances are, even if it's just words they say, they'll be able to help you. Yeah, you'll think it's really weird at first, but keep going and it won't be so weird. If you keep going to a church, become a Christian and start getting closer to God, yeah, the Devil will begin to attack you more with the use of many different things/people. It's all quite a challenge, but if you put your trust in God you'll be able to get through it all. I garuntee you that doing all this will make your life a whole lot better. You just really need to have a lot of trust. I know that breaking the ROBLOX rules is easy to get away with, and I know how angry you people get when you don't get away with it... Know that this life is your ONLY chance to do what is right, and if you don't do what's right in this lifetime, there's no turning back. Being with God is what you need to do. Being with God will make your life the best it can possibly be, and when you have your bodily death and you, your spirt goes to be judged and stuff, if you were with God during your Earth life, you'll get to be with God for eternity after. You may think eternity in Heaven sounds boring, but being in God's presence is never boring.

_________________________________________________________________________________ OPINIONS ON CERTAIN OT'ERS:

Well I was thinking about doing this months ago when I first started writing history stuff for this post, but have now decided not to. I understand people like to hear what I have to say about them, but just know that if we hanged out a lot, then yeah, we were probably friends (you probably know who you are). If I ever got mad at you and did something sinful towards you, I am sorry. Not just saying that, I really am. I've never liked hurting people, and I never will, but sometimes I do, and I always come to regret it. _________________________________________________________________________________ FINAL IMPORTANTISH STUFF:

Well yeah... Main reason for my leaving is because the Bible has not given me a reason to stay, but plenty of reasons to leave. I basically can't be friends with sinners who will bring me down away from God and stuff. I need to leave this place and not come back, but know that I'll be praying for you guys a lot. Feel free to ask me questions. Any question. Feel free to say anything you want on this thread in reply. This will be the only thread I'll be posting on from this point on, and I'll stop replying to this thread when this month ends. After that you can feel free to send me PM's, and maybe I'll even hang out with you on a level or something, but maybe not. Also, you can contact me on Twitter easily. I'm @BorLng on there. _________________________________________________________________________________ HISTORY ON ROBLOX

type stuff that you probably don't care much about:

---- 2007: So yeah, in case you didn't know, I joined ROBLOX February 17th, 2007 (Deathly's 7th birthday and a month minus 7 days before my 10th birthday) on the account Doomest. I usually used the name "Doom" for games, but if it was taken I would use "Doomest". I saw an ad on Games of Gondor/Armor Games, watched the neat trailer, saw a ROBLOXian blow a building up with a bomb and was totally sold. My 2nd oldest brother (Scorpionlord) joined first to make sure the game was OK. Then I joined as Doomest, my other brother as Hithere, my sister as Elizabeth90 and my other other brother as Draath. I don't remember making friends on Doomest, but I remember playing mainly ROBLOX's levels (Crossroads, Glass Houses, Chaos Canyon, Community Construction). Since ROBLOXians had no animations back then, on old building levels like Community Construction I would take bricks, put them on my arms, then spin myself around to make those bricks hit other players, thus causing them to fling off the map. Me and lots of other people did that, though I only remember doing it on Community Construction and some snow building place. On June 16th, 2007 I played an obstacle course (possibly my/the first one). Instead of just falling down into the killzone/abyss sky area, there was a really big lava brick down below. Also the checkpoints were those flags that ROBLOX uses for CTF. So yeah, I was playing that level, doing a linewalk thing, then I run into this ROBLOXian dude and accidently shove him off into the lava. This caused him to become all angry and say he would report me for team killing (we're at the same checkpoint, so we're on the same team), then he somehow gets pretty much the entire server to gang up on me and they all say they were going to report me. This causes me to get mad (I was a very angry person when I was young) and thus an argument thing begins. I don't remember that argument, but I remember being angry, so chances are whatever I said was what actually got me banned, not the team kill itself (though the TK started it so yeah). I got deleted because it seems ROBLOX only had deletions back then. Then I, for some reason, only remembered the username Poker_Man29 from that server, so in a rush, in anger and in boredom I made a new account. I always used the usernames Doom and Doomest, so I had no idea what to name myself. Eventually I thought of how bored I was so I named myself Boring. Once I did that, I stalked Poker_Man29 to a server (not sure how it was done back then, but I did it anyway) and got all mad at him. He told me he was actually siding with me then, so I went like "oh" and we became friends. Poker_Man29 was actually the first ROBLOXian to get 10K KO's, and thus got the Black Iron Crown of Pwnage, which is pretty neat. He is now known as Pokergod. The last time I talked to him was in 2010, after not having talked to him in years. He didn't remember me, but remembered Doomest, which is odd... But hey, maybe my brain is completely wrong about all this and we were actually friends when I was Doomest, and maybe when I got deleted I didn't stalk him in anger, but stalked him to tell him what happened (in anger). It was over 6 years ago, so I'm really not positive. So yeah, then I became Boring. As Boring I, well, continued to play levels. After doing that for awhile I ran into HolyMAC, and me, her, and two of my siblings started some sort of acorn group that involved squirrles, trees and acorns. We became pretty good friends, but after awhile we randomly stopped hanging out (perhaps it was when my internet stopped working for about 2 months)... Didn't see her again until a long time after that. That was either my first group or my second group. Another group I joined way back then was the Ruthless ROBLOXian Warriors, which I joined, made myself a T-shirt for, and never did anything involving that group ever again. During this 2007 period I was part of a homeschool group thing that met up on Thursday's at my church. There I made two really cool friends who I showed ROBLOX. Storchhead seems to still play, but Sweet111 quit a long time ago. Then in 2008 I showed ROBLOX to a friend I made at church. He made the account Deathly, then later Cookie55 (which became his main).

---- 2008-2009: In 2008 me and Storchhead trusted each other to the point where we both knew each other's pass codes. This caused a really big problem when we got in a fight, because he then went on my account, deleted two of my hats, my place and all my friends. I was about to do the same, but he changed his pass code. Eventually got over it, so we became friends again. I finally started getting into the building of one's own level. I built an obstacle course (with the help of Storchhead), got a bunch of people to come and play it, and then got it on the front page for about a day (you only needed like 150 people on it back then). That was one of the few levels I started working on and actually finished. Over the years my level ideas got more and more complicated, eventually to the point where all of them required LUA and/or mass amounts of building skill. I'd say I've mastered building (look at my Adventure Level for example), so now I just need to master LUA... So, back to 2008. I met this guy named F14Tomcat through Storchhead. F14Tomcat was the leader of a clan/group called Black Knight Force, and shortly after joining I was ranked up to the space division leader or whatever you would call it. We didn't really do any wars/battles, we just hanged out, built levels for our clan/group, and made a website (well I didn't help make it, but I went on it sometimes). So, during those 2008 years is when I think those really awesome mechs were made (which ROBLOX later broke because they made it so torsos and heads had to be attatched, or somethin' like that). Those were like the coolest things ever to be on ROBLOX, and they were given away freely too. My brother, Hithere, took those mechs and made a really awesome team battle map, which I'm pretty sure got on the front page for awhile... But then they broke, which was really sad, and no one has bothered to make new ones since. 2008 was also when I encountered my first OD'er (at least the one that tried to get with me). I asked my mom what to do because I had no idea what to do, so then my mom told me to say no and that I'm not allowed. Lol. So then there was this guy named Nefix me and my brother Hithere became friends with. He didn't remember us the last time I talked to him, but he was good enough friends with my brother to where he personally gave my brother a pretty neat script. We played his levels a lot, mainly that Battle of Helms Deep place. There was also a guy named BL00XERInDisguise who, despite me playing multiple ROBLOX levels with him, would always forget who I was each time we met. He had a pretty cool Super Smash Bros Brawl level, and I was the first one to beat his "Can you make it to the bottom?" place. 2008 was Cheat Engine's prime year. Hundreds, if not thousands of ROBLOXians used cheat engine. From changing values to changing walkspeed, just about every server had a hacker. I used cheat engine too, mainly on Lando6400's "Pirates Life" and Builderman's "King of The Hill". It was pretty fun to use, but laggy. Eventually ROBLOX fixed it so people couldn't use it anymore, but it seems people are able to use it again, seeing as there's dozens of people hacking with it on Apocalypse Rising. So during all that time period while I was on Boring, strangers took a liking to making fun of my username, and bullying me and all that. Well I guess not all were bullying, but I still got really mad at them either way (and somehow managed to never get banned)

. -----2010: Then in 2010 that suddenly all changed and people started saying I had the coolest username ever, and acknowledged that I was an old user (most guessed I was from 2006). I barely got insulted for my username after that. So then a wild HolyMAC appears and said she remembered me and our group from 2007 (but not my two siblings, for some reason). We then became friends again, and she invited me to her Foxwing of ROBLOXia group. Actually did training sessions, meetings and other stuff with that group, and became friends with people like SCS, Banjobug and Tedsnipeu. Also joined a group called MrDoomBringer The Epic (some name like that). It was just a fan group, but we still had meetings, which was pretty fun. HolyMAC eventually showed me OT, which I was really only interested in because she posted on it. So I either joined OT July or August 2010. A little while after joining it, I was playing with HolyMAC at her skate park place and suddenly she tells me she loves me. After about 30 seconds of silence (besides me going o.o), she asked if I didn't love her. I eventually said "Well... I like you." In my mind I was thinking "as a friend", but I doubt it was the same in her mind, since she got all happy. She even posted "Boring I love you xoxo" on OT. I was curious about the replies, but the only reply I saw before the thread got deleted was a person who looked like Earthbound saying "Take your online relationships elsewhere." Aye, I had feelings for her once before, as will pretty much anyone who hangs out with someone of the opposite gender (online or not), but those feelings went away before she told me that. Anyway, we talked for awhile like how we normally did, then she eventually tells me she's lez even though she likes me. After that she told OT, and then shortly after that she quit. So yeah, finally to OT. On OT I posted a lot, and seemed to get attention and popularity quite fast for my username. I mainly went to OT parties, as I always have (because they're cool), and at those OT parties is where I mainly made friends. I became friends with people like Thatsawesome, Firefeind1, Kickmecookie(s), Chalklet, Moonlightdancingcat3, JoeJohnson97, JenTy, FloTheHedgehog and many more. The two main places I remember going to for OT parties were the OTChatroom2 place (not actual chatroom) and OT Fields. Hanged out at those places a lot, as is to be expected at OT parties. Of course people were inappropriate though, which even then I did not like (in case you couldn't already tell that). Favorite part of the OT parties back then is probably when I was playing OT Fields and JenTy and Fire decided to use admin commands to take me apart and put red bricks all over the ground as blood. They then went and posted about how I was dead on OT, and got many more OT'ers to come. Then Kathius200 came and they, of course, thought inappropriate things, which led me to eventually say "KEEP THE DEMON AWAY"... I felt bad for that later, but oh well. Then one time Kathius200 and me were the last ones at the Chatroom level and she asked me to do inappropriate stuff, which I said no to, causing her to leave. Lol. So, OT being a pretty neat please, and me not really having thought about all the inappropriate behavior, I invited Deathly, my IRL friend, to join OT. This wasn't the best idea, seeing as he was shown many inappropriate things, got deleted dozens of times and even wrote a bonus... At the age of 10. He was good friends with Kathius200, which, of course, made OT think "hurrhurr they love each other", causing massive talk, assumptions, guesses and lies. Minecraft got popular about that time. Late August is when I was first shown it by Storchhead. I eventually bought it for $15 (well $12 but my brother kept the change) and started playing with OT'ers. That was pretty fun, for awhile, but OT'ers seemed to slowly stop playing it, so I did also.

2011 So then 2011 came. I made more OT'er friends, went to more OT parties, posted on OT a lot more and all sorts of stuff. I don't remember that much from 2011, and some things I'm not sure if they were from '11 or '12, but oh well. I remember FloTheHedgehog getting deleted and quitting during a time when I wasn't on OT for a week, so I never got to say goodbye. I remember hanging out with Thatsawesome, Firefeind1, Oozlebachr, MLDC3, Kickmecookies, JoeJohnson97, Piede, Vunro and Chalklet a lot. Three main things I remember was some OT party with MLDC3 that last 2 1/2+ hours, Oozlebachr and me just about always being the last two at OT parties, and me and Vunro playing "Draw My Thing" nonstop. There was some word Vunro always guessed on that game, which he also posted a lot on OT, leading to his deletion... I can't quite remember it though. It was pretty funny though: he would always guess that word first in all caps and I would always guess multiple different words in all caps (ICE CREAM, EXPLOSION, BANANA). Vunro getting deleted and quitting was pretty lame, as was Flo getting deleted and quitting, MLDC3 getting deleted and quitting, JenTy getting deleted and quitting, and quite a few others (I suspect). Would have been great if all of them just stuck to the rules and that never happened, but it's too late now. I believe MLDC3 was the first person I showed my IRL self to, back in 2011. She wouldn't stop asking me, so eventually I showed her. The second person I showed my IRL to was Chalklet (in 2012), who also wouldn't stop asking me to (she didn't have to ask as many times though). Then there was Littlemidget, who tried to gain attention and annoy me with the use of PM's. He would constantly make fun of me for "hanging out with a 9 year old". He spoke of Deathly, even though Deathly joined OT when he was 10 and he was 11 at the time. I tried to tell him this, but he did not care. Deathly also quit that year. I guess he got extremely bored of OT, and he'd been deleted dozens of times, so yeah...

---- 2012 So then there was 2012: More OT parties, more posting, and more friend making. In early 2012 is when OT parties begun at Minigame Mania. Was quite fun for a long time, and still sometimes is, but not as fun as it once was. OT parties used to be at any place (usually OT themed places made by OT'ers), but when Minigame Mania became popular, suddenly people stopped going to random places as much and started only going to Minigame Mania. There was also me deciding I would say "I'm Batman." every day all of 2012 (which I did). I did not expect it to become so popular, but within a few months suddenly people were calling me Batman and people were asking me if they could be Batman characters too (check out my profile bio to see who is who). I even got a group made for me (Gotham City) by some random guy, who eventually left it, giving me enough time to have Firefeind1 take it over. It also annoyed some people, but it seems unlikely that something like that could have been avoided. (I was thinking about asking HS if she was OK with this next part, but that would be awkward and I feel like typing about it, so yeah.) Then there was Heartstrings, who, despite her highly inappropriate behavior, I became good friends with. As I've said many times before, if you hang out with someone of the opposite gender a lot, you're bound to get feelings for them eventually (unless you're current me, who's mind is far too occupied to think of such things), and that's exactly what happened. I got feelings for her, but I never spoke of them because, you know, shyness, and me thinking that it's a stupid idea and that I shouldn't be doing such a thing (which actually was a bad idea). Neither did I try to get her to like me, because I don't do that. Then one time me and her decided to play Halo: Reach on Xbox Live. She was actually very good at it, and beat me more times than I beat her. We were using that Xbox Live messaging to talk, since she lacked mic, and suddenly she told me she loved me. I did my normal "LIES" thing, but then it turned out she was serious, so I was like "Oh". I don't quite remember what I said in reply, but I think it was that that's what happens when you spend a lot of time with someone of opposite gender. Then she was gone for all Summer or something like that. Normally this would probably be enough time to stop having feelings for someone, but I knew she was coming back, and I was somewhat waiting for her. Thus those feelings didn't go away. Sometime during Summer Chalklet insisted that I make a Twitter, so I did. On that Twitter she decided to constantly ask me if I liked any OT'ers (her guesses being Thats, Kick, Midna and DoT), and eventually I told her that Heartstrings had said she liked me before, which, being her personality type, caused her to freak out, be all like "<<<<<33333" and stuff like that. She even made threads titled "Nathan x Jorian" a few times, in case you never saw them before. So later that year I told Heartstrings/Jorian that I liked her, and she said she liked me back. We then used Gmail to talk to each other a bunch. We didn't really talk much about that relationship stuff, just stuff that you'd talk about to your normal, every day best friends. Eventually we slowly stopped talking and that was it. So yeah, that's the closest I've been to OD'ing. I'm not really sure if I would consider that OD'ing, though I'm sure you guys would. One awkward thing though is that about two months ago I discovered that I had put my RL name on my Gmail account (first & last), and then took awhile to find out how to change it. So yeah, this means Hearstrings might know my RL name. Lol Oh, and another thing she (like HolyMAC) did was tell me she was lez after saying she liked me. Seriously, am I destined to constantly attract non-straight females for the rest of my life or something? So anyway, enough of that. I hanged out with Kickmecookies a lot that year also. He (originally she. I remember him calling himself female in 2010, and Chalklet even says Kick's name is "Yaileen", which is a female name) invited me to play ROBLOX levels with him a lot, which I did. Played lots of interesting levels that other people didn't play too often, and also played that Freeze Tag game, which was fun. Kathius200 came to greatly regret the things she did back in 2010-2011. It seemed she wanted OT to forget it all, but of course that wouldn't happen. She used the account ZebrasEatBugs to post on OT, but eventually quit. This seemed to cause Thatsawesome to go pretty inactive, since her and Kathius were really good friends. I feel sorry for her, and I'd like to apoligize for things I said to her, but it seems that is not possible anymore... During this year I also made a pretty cool OT place, which OT once had like a 2 hour and 45 minute OT party at. I obviously hadn't really mastered the Cframe yet, but I'm really good at it now (once again, see my Adventure Level for example). This was also the first year someone made a bonus with me in it, which caused me to get extremely angry. The guy liked how angry I got so much that he made a second one, but by then I got over that anger. And finally, it was also the first time I got banned since Doomest's deletion back on June 16th, 2007. A guy posted a thread asking "Why are you guys such jerks?" And I replied with "OT seems to generally be rude to 'newbags', sorry to say." I said the bag word that tons of OT'ers said before and still say, and it appears I was banned for it. Rather lame, but oh well.

---- 2013: Last year had its ups and downs... I made an awesome adventure/obstacle course level, I started hanging out with Zakro and we became great friends, I played Apocalypse Rising with him and others a ton, I made a Skype and talked to Thatsawesome a lot, and many other things. I didn't make many new friends that year, but I guess that's because I was spending nearly all my time hanging out with Zakro and a few other OT'ers. As some of you may have noticed, I wasn't as nice last year as I was previous years. I kept being rude to inappropriate people, I kept pointing out how I was reporting people, I kept telling people to do things like "shut up", and other things like that. I suspect this may have been because of what my RL friend Storchhead did... So, back in May 2013, one of my best friends (Sweet111) had to move with his family across the US (some of you may remember me posting about it). He was having his birthday party before he left, so I decided to invite my other best friend (Storchhead) to sleep over at my house and go to the birthday party with me. He did so and we went to the party thing. At the party we said our goodbyes to Sweet111, and the last thing he said to Storchhead was "You take care of this little guy, OK?" (them both being over 6'4" and not underweight makes me little since I'm only 6'2" 124 lbs) Then we left shortly after that, and since Storchhead and me had nothing to do I had him sleep over again. We stayed up all night playing video games, then at about 4 AM I told him I should go to bed, and he said he wanted to show me a thing first. This "thing" was him trying to take my pants off. Now I don't know about you guys, but when a same-gender guy who's been your best friend for over 6 years (to the point where you don't even think this possible) does that, it is not a good feeling. Mind as close to literally blown as possible, heart pounding like crazy, shaking and freaking out is not a nice feeling at all. I managed to keep that all inside though, and got him to stop easily just by asking "What are you doing?" I eventually told him I was going to bed and rushed to my room. After a half hour of silently pacing and freaking out (because my brother and person staying at my house were asleep), I heard Storchhead leave, left my room to investigate and make sure he was gone, then went straight to my parents and told them what happened. So yeah, I basically cried for uh... Well, until I couldn't cry any longer. He also took my copy of Halo 4, but luckily he left Forza Motorsport 4 in my 360 for me to keep. Suppose I'm as over about it as I'll get for a long time, but every time I think about it I just get angry, and thanks to that dumb inappropriate crap you people seem to like so much did to him, I haven't seen him since. Really, all that stuff does is turn you into a freak and mess up your life. You guys should take time to think about, and question whether or not it's really OK. So yeah, I suppose all that stuff caused me to be more of a jerk. I kept calling inappropriate people idiots and I kept telling people I reported them (I said it was just because of breaking the rules, but I guess that was a lie. Understand though that, well, I kind of had a "good" reason). Also, one thing I did notice is that quite a few people on here started to dislike me a lot when I started saying I was reporting people. So yeah, if you want attention and want a bunch of haters (even if you're like the oldest OT'er ever), you can probably just spam post "I reported you" without even having to report them and get a bunch of attention. Lol. So yeah, Zakro and me became great friends, and I started hanging out with him a lot at OT parties, Apocalypse Rising, Sword Fight On The Heights and a few other levels. I also made a really cool adventure level, which just about everyone who tried it thought it was good. You guys should consider checking it out if you haven't already. -----2014 Hanging out with more OT'ers, etc. Got tired of OT's sin, basically, and thus the decision to leave came, along with the help of my church Summer camp I just came back from about 13 hours ago.

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