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Bradybot07 the OTer used to be one of the worst OTers around but then changed a few months later ending up to be a known-ish OTer known for being a(n): Anti-smiley, Cancer and console peasant.This OTer today calls himself a Tee vee since he wears the hat of the same name claiming to be a robot. (Used to have an Alt called bradybotOT but it got deleted) (Incidents he participated in: World2build as Getrekt (soon got deleted) incident and the Smiley incident (as a anti-smiley)) This user had their account sadly deleted and never got to be "President of OT" Rest in peace Bradybot07 April 30th 2011-October 18th 2015 (This user made an appeal though so he may come back someway somehow...) (The Appeal failed...Rest in peace Bradybot07 But wait! This user is planning to create a new account but will not be on OT anymore since that was the reason of his ban...)

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