livi is the best !!!

–BrendonTheWizard's blurb

BrendonTheWizard joined the Off Topic community in 2013 as "ColorfulBrendon" and nearly all of his posts are under this name. He remained an active user until 2015.

In January 2016 he changed his name to "BrendonTheWizard" named after OliviaTheWizard.

Brendon is one of many scripters in OT (though sadly not known because he doesn't tell everyone every time he writes 7 lines of code), and is the creator of OT Quest I and II(unfinished). His disaster game, Catastrophe Simulation, is a meme-inspired one-time-disaster sequence-of-events-in-a-specific-order try-and-fail-to-survive-the-disasters. The game itself is well liked by many OTers and has been used for multiple OT parties.

Brendon is a proud worshiper of Bop Bop (a clay dildo misshaped to accommodate The Whomp King) and also features it in Catastrophe Simulation, in which a HUGE FUCKIN PICTURE of it appears on the edge of the map and spawns its dillets that chase everyone, as well as a dark version (basically the same as above but tinted red and the dillets are faster).


Second outfit

Despite being a good scripter, he's not pretentious about it at all. Really. He's a pretty cool guy about it. Most OTers end up being pretentious assholes about their work. Sometimes he may nerd out with Slydexia about scripting and they talk about the cool shit they made.

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