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Brightview12 is a 13 year old OT'er from Oregon, USA. She started frequenting OT in early 2013 and has been active ever since with a small exception of a few small breaks.


Although there have been some incidents where Brightview12 has been a little over the top, it is hard to get on her bad side. She tends to be a pessimist, but also tries not to drag people down.


Over the years, Brightview12 has recieved criticism for not posting quality material. While she admits that this is true, she tries to bring her post quality up.

People have also wrote her off as "emo" and "attention-seeking." Lately, Bright has made an effort to avoid those stereotypes.


Brightview12 enjoys bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles.

She obsesses over TV shows such as The Walking Dead, Steven Universe, and Survivor. (Yes, Survivor.)







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