BritainsGotTalentA51 is a user who joined in 2010 on the account ArceusGreen. He joined OT in 2011. He is known on OT for his obsession over the Pokémon Noivern and YouTuber Deceptibonk

BritainsGotTalentA51. Notice how he is wearing Deceptibonk's Minecraft skin on his avatar

Previous Account BritainsGotTalentRzy

BritainsGotTalentRzy was BGTA51's previous account. It was created in 2011 as a way to bypass the safe-chat. In November 2013, he was poison banned due to a troll post on an alt. His avatar forever remains as The Slenderman



As with many OTers, he has a lot of Alts

All of them can be found in the group "Deceptibonk" in the Best Deceptibonk Worshipper rank. His oldest alt is actually ArceusGreen.


On OT, he is a generally nice guy. But, he does not take kindly to rule-breakers, even getting into flamewars with other OTers such as LavaRuby and Moristhecat because of this. It is known that SassyPriest, Zacmaq, Firekiller and Litemare hate him


He is rumoured to be SongOfSwords in disguise because of JumbleBee5 noticing some similarities between the two.

BGT Vs ForumGame

Link Here

Deceptibonk and Noivern

When BGTR got deleted, BGTA51 changed. He became obsessed with the Pokémon Noivern. At around January 2014, he became obsessed with the YouTuber Deceptibonk as well. His current look is apparently "Noivern in a Deceptibonk Costume"


On. May 16 2914, he was deleted due to parent request. He has stated that either DanBrowned, ForumGame or Yoshiegg6 are responsible on Twitter. He has also stated that he might be getting it back on 19/5/14.


  • He started the #FindTheIDGods fad
  • He has been known to post a lot of Last Digit Threads
  • His Twitter and YouTube are both ArceusGreen
  • Ironically, he hates minimods, despite his minimodding tendencies.
  • He was the main person behind the Team Crafted Wikia Raid of 2014
  • One of his Alts got an "L7D = MY IQ" thread with the L7D being 0000001
  • His MineCraft username is IllusionZoroak and he got banned for griefing the first day he joined the OT Minecraft Server
  • His username is misleading, as he actually lives in Ireland instead of the UK