Black Ops 2! Top 10 Axes, Knives, Crossbows Episode 47 by Anoj06:43

Black Ops 2! Top 10 Axes, Knives, Crossbows Episode 47 by Anoj

BGTR appears in this at around 2:50. He is number 4 in the list.

BF4 Quad Base Jumping Snipes! CoD Crazy Tubes! Halo 4 Ninjas! - Respawn Top Plays Ep 11 by Anoj (Ba03:03

BF4 Quad Base Jumping Snipes! CoD Crazy Tubes! Halo 4 Ninjas! - Respawn Top Plays Ep 11 by Anoj (Ba

God fucking dammit Brit, again? He is the only CoD guy on this list


The mods give me most of my wat.

BritainsGotTalentRzy is a regular OTer. He has posts as far back back to 2011.

Brits previous form

He has managed to get two of his Black Ops 2 game clips onto Machinima subsidiary, Machinima Respawn. He got banned and is now using the account BritainsGotTalentA51

He is known to hate on Chuggaaconroy and doesn't care about heartstrings, as he stated that he did not care about the fact that heart strings could be quitting OT forever.

his Xbox Live gamer tag is IL KIM JONG.

His YouTube channel is called ArceusGreen.

Brit, along with EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of his Alts is deleted. The only alt that is not deleted is ArceusGreen.

On January 15, 2014 he went to flame war against SkippyDaCop.


Brit himself is an alt of ArceusGreen. Other Alts include Other BritainsGotTalent accounts, along with Pliosaur and YveltaI

A list of known Alts

  • ArceusGreen
  • Pliosaur (Deleted)
  • YveltaI (Deleted)
  • LittleDragonEnergy
  • ReggiesBodyIsReady
  • CreepyCursedtini
  • BritainsGotTalentFOP
  • BritainsGotTalentGre
  • BritainsGotTalentA51
  • BritainsGotTalentMcl
  • Regginator
  • Onvern (Deleted)
  • RobloxNoibat
  • ThatOneMessageGuy
  • BalaezetFayged
  • Actinomycosis
  • UltimateSwaglord
  • WeveComeTooFar
  • CivilRightsActivist
  • FeelAndBeTanasinn
  • Nyasper
  • AdBruienGdtulitGte
  • britunzguttalunta501
  • 0FW
  • Howloid
  • DeceptibonkIsLove
  • DeceptibonkIsLife
  • Deceptibong
  • SwAgOvErLoRd69420666
  • Connacht
  • BGTSMichael


He had over 4000 posts before he got banned. A lot of them were random posts, LXD threads which causes some OT'ers to dislike him for the high amount of L#D's he makes, or thread that list. His most popular thread was titled THE WORST YOUTUBERS. One of his posts has ended up in him fighting with a zygarde because it stole his console. Another few L1D threads have ended up with MLP going.


  • Hates Clash of Clans, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Justin Beber, MLP and Furries.
  • He is an average OTer.
  • He once got called a noob by a 2012 robloxian.
  • He never shows his face (it's the net hack addict face).
  • He is currently a scientist of the SCP Foundation.
  • He is a huge fan of: COD, Pokemon, VVVVVV, Minecraft, YouTubers such as Markiplier, Deceptibonk, PewDiePie and PeanutButterGamer, David Guetta and Off Topic.
  • His favourite pokemon is Noivern, with Arceus and Yveltal being his second and third favourites.
  • He is British.
  • He once got deleted, but appealed to get his account back.
  • He hates the pokemon Hawlucha a lot.
  • He hates Brogres who shove Shrek down his throat.
  • He is a general of the group OT League.
  • He has an unhealthy obsession over the Pokémon Noivern, and the YouTuber Deceptibonk
  • He owns a shiny Noivern, And shiny Gligar.
  • He claims to be the Noivern Lord.

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