The Start

On February 1st 2015. It was a nice day in RT. Then a user named "NutellaNatures" spammed RT with pony threads. The flame wars began. And Nutella sent more bronies to RT to aid her. She claimed she was discussing MLP with her friends. After 5 hours, it got so bad that they claimed that the bronies came from OT. They began begging OT to take them back. Whilst OTers were confused and began saying they weren't theirs nor have they ever seen them before. This would eventually lead to RT slowing losing to its brony invaders.

RT falls and becomes Canterlot, Brony talk, New brony central

The raids lasted for 5 hours before RTers began leaving RT and headed off for bunkers. [Which too would end up being taken over by its invaders, causing RTers to go to OT bunkers and be thought of as unwelcome along with the bronies.] Eventually RTers surrendered to its brony invaders, after that OT finally assisted RT in the reclaiming of their subforum. Though OTers would begin losing "Territory" slowly to the brony invaders. Soon they began role-playing and make "Shaggy force" "The OT lenny troops" and "The typical clan". With in minutes all bronies were gone with Nutella as the last brony and "Ruler" of RT. Soon Avecy and more bronies began backing her up. within minutes people began going to ATR to get the mods. but only getting their threads deleted. RT was still known as brony talk by many.

The end of the wars and aftermath

Nothing really happened after that other then some people getting banned. An hour later Bloxxseen proved that it was him that caused all of this

He also signed into Nutellanatures [Alt he used to cause all this] to prove this was all him

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