In the beginning

Budder joined roblox on March 12th, 2014. He started off by playing popular games at the time such as Natural Disaster Survival and Giant survival

Early 2014 - Mid 2014

After about 2 months of joining, Budder became a full-one ODer. Only playing Natural Disaster Survival and Different Town of Robloxia, his ODer outfit consisted of a shaggy, LOL-face hoodie, 2.0, and the Finn McCool face. He was still very childish at this time and would rage whenever he was killed or loosed a game he was also still obsessed with Minecraft, which may explain why.

Mid 2014 - Late 2014

After Budder was called an ODer by one of his irl friends, he decided to change his look gradually, first by switching from 2.0 to 1.0, and getting rid of his shaggy, and playing other games besides Different Town of Robloxia. Then one day, after checking on his little side-bar thingy, he decided to click on "Forum".

Late 2014 - Early 2015

He then found it, the forums, in all their glory. But at first he was still a newbag. He remembered using "xD" and ":D" on the forums, but he wasn't sure if that was true. He then had to choose a main subforum. He chose S&I. At first, it seemed nice. People their weren't too bad. Then he realized, after seeing S&I evolve into just bait and NBCs complaining about not getting any free robux, he finally decided to look for a main subforum.

Early 2015 - Mid 2015

At first, he had some trouble trying to find a new main subforum, he tried ATR, but he soon discovered that the mods there are way too strict. So he finally decided to put some effort into scrolling down, and clicked on OT. He soon got used to the ways of OT, and even made some friends, some of his first OT friends were TheMajesticForce, RedIVIan, and OfficialDerpyTime.


budderfishman008 - Main alt.

budderfishman006 - Other alt.


6969th post -

7000th post -

10000th post -

12345th post -

13000th post -


August 2015 OT vs Frappe war - Budder just helped OT raid frappe a few times, nothing big.

''Female x Fadious'' incident - Budder just helped female and fad with dealing with all the hate.

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