Introduction to Builderx22

Hello, my name is Builderx22, and I am a former Roblox OTer who would post on the forms regularly at random times. I now do other thinks besides forum. Surprisingly, I didn't know OT was deleted until August, go figrue. Enjoy the article.


Builderx22 is a former OTer who posted at random times in the day when he was bored (like every other OTer) his posts were usually dumb, especially in 2015/2016, when he posted his real name on a forum post after a user called him "fat kid fat" after watching some of his old videos, which have now been deleted due to privacy reasons, and the sheer embarssment in the videos. He has another YouTube channel which will not be on this wiki article.


In 2015, Builderx22 joined roblox. Soon after, he discovered the forums, and his first post is unknown. However, it is known that he used to post on RT a lot. This is where he gained most of his post count from. Not many posts by him in 2015 can still be found today, however some quick googling found these threads: [note, i posted here but didnt post the thread[ [i also didnt post this, or post there, BUT HEY I WAS ON THE LIST DAMNIT]

There are probably more threads I'm in/posted in 2015, but I'm way too lazy to google it, and besides it's 2:45AM while I'm editing htis, cut me some slack.


I'm way too tired to finish this today, gnight. [<--- message will be edited out later today][[]

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