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The Bulban Empire, (formerly the Neo-Bulban Empire and Bulba Empire) was an OT group which has a mission to make OT a better place to post on. For a short time, they were easily the biggest and most powerful group on Off Topic.Their currency is "mana" and their national animal is the Buyspore (also the Qdhxx). They were quite tame for a few days, but as they grew, more incidents involving the Bulban Empire occurred, leading to resentment and attacks on the group.

The Bulba Empire was founded sometime in October 2015. They quickly grew very powerful and had near to 100 members before their first decline.

The Decline

Sometime on 11/21/15, EXTREMEKORKSCREW kicked all users out of the Bulba Empire and shut it down. Nteorvolri remade the group under the name Bulban Empire on 11/22/15 under request. This group was short lived due to report-botting and was deleted within 10 minutes. On 12/14/15, EXTREMEKORKSCREW remade the group under the name Neo-Bulban Empire. On Christmas 2015, the Neo-Bulban Empire group was deleted by ROBLOX, making it the second time a group from EXTREMEKORKSCREW had been deleted. He apparently tried to appeal, but was denied almost a day after it was sent.


In June 2016, EXTREMEKORKSCREW revived the Bulban Empire for a third time. Within two days the empire grew to 30 members, a third of its original size. It boasted having a newly made Imperial Palace, constructed by DynamicFail instead of the previous free model palace, and a somewhat original uniform. The third incarnation of the Bulban Empire changed its political views, taking a more passive approach to serbposters and promoting democratic rule over Off Topic.

Bulban Empire Ranks


  • Bulba_Empire
  • OT_Dares
  • dyna_blox
  • Embersear
  • ryan_kanealt
  • UniversalObject
  • OTJokesBot
  • ralftrol
  • Daedalheidis
  • DRlVEN
  • Windfarm
  • oFuturisticPanther
  • Fanaticaldoodle456
  • MathkidsMain
  • T_34
  • Rezonater
  • BubbleteaFrenzy
  • amazingBoy11120

killed in battle/detainees

  • ck2besteu4
  • MrElectricWolf
  • ImWearingOrangeFatty
  • rabbit_account

kebab defender

  • BurnOfFlames

best turk

  • buyspore

knight of optimism

  • Astrain1
  • epictinboy
  • Baradrim


(none atm)


  • QuercusAlba
  • YOHIOloid

grand architect

  • DynamicFail

priests of the golden fez

  • Kalecstrasz
  • StraightOuttaBoston

sultan kroskaw


Old Ranks

"killed in battle"

Supporters of Bulba Empire that were terminated and placed in the "killed in battle" rank of the original group prior to shutdown.

  • MisterTransistor
  • Borowng
  • Mahantakah
  • bonzibuddy696969
  • Trimetis
  • Mm2x2
  • TEK1N
  • iDicision (raceman6743 alt)
  • chicka123TEST
  • Kitchenware
  • rabbit_account
  • ImWearingOrangeFatty
  • MrEletricWolfe
  • ck2besteu4

Incidents & Events

Bulba Empire Vs. Serbposters War

On September 4th, 2015, a war against the Serbposters[1] started. This section details the events which have been recorded.

September 4th

Around 8:30pm GMT, ToySackboyLBP2 made a thread explaining why he hated Borowng. He was later banned for 3 days and the thread was Content Deleted. Eventually, Borowng then made a thread saying how the Bulba Empire reigned victorious, and that the "bully was defeated". Many threads were made praising the Bulba Empire, which angered other people. This caused many Anti-Bulba threads to be created. These Anti-Bulba posters were named Serbposters. One of the many serbposters was DoraemonParis (sosurninja51000 during the incident, as his main was banned), and he replied to many bulba threads saying bulba empire was actually bulbasaur empire. A large flamewar sprouted from this, culminating in a battle at the Bulban Imperial Palace. The battle was fought with the Bulbans against Serbposters, and the two teams in combat were divided evenly. The battle lasted for twenty-five minutes before the Serbposters finally surrendered. At the thirty minute mark, the Bulbans officially declared victory due to successfully defending their golden fez for 30 minutes and claimed the day was theirs. But after that, OTer lelforumingalt made a thread titled "petition to make sosurninja51000 is a serbposter". DoraemonParis (sosurninja51000) was mad about this thread being made, and reported it. After a bit of arguing in the thread, the thread got CD'd. Lelforumingalt stated that he was now an official serbposter anyways. Sosurninja51000 (DoraemonParis) then fought back, and OTer "EXTREMEKORKSCREW" said that they would forgive him if he stopped serbposting. But Doraemon didn't know what serbposting meant, eventually he learned what it meant though. He stopped serbposting after the incident.

September 5th

On the early hours of Saturday, the Bulba Empire grew to 50 members. Threatened by this, the Tappier Army declared war on them and was subsequently beaten 2-0 raiding the Bulban Imperial Palace. A new group called the "Intergalactic OTers" was formed with the express purpose of fighting the Bulba Empire, and challenged them to a raid for the next day. Around 11:45pm GMT, other small OT war groups started to make propaganda "calling out" Bulbans, such as claiming that they stole clothing from other groups. Most of said propaganda is coming from the Tappier Army, by user Coolpup12345. There was a lot of arguing, but eventually the war had began, but had later stopped.

September 13th

In the later hours of OT, user spt188 attempted to create an alliance between them and the Bulbans. The leader, Joe11Joe99, had changed his thoughts and agreed. Later, Coolpup had asked the HAPPIER Army to take down Bulba. After some minor arguments, they are now allies.

Bulba Internet Defense Force

Dikkat! This thread is now under the control of the BIDF. Please vacate till serbposters have been identified.

–Notice displayed when the BIDF arrive on a thread

The Bulba Internet Defense Force, also known as BIDF, is the Bulba Empire's elite anti-serbposting police force. When serbposting is detected, they soon arrive on the thread to report it and attempt to delete the post.


A number of groups, mainly led by what the Bulban Empire considers serbposters, have declared war against the Bulban Empire for disagreeing with its actions or views.


  1. A "serbposter" is considered anyone who posts spam, attacks/bullies/harasses other users ("bullyposting"), or otherwise is against Bulba Empire.

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