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BurnOfFlames is an average OTer. His technical join date is 2013, although this account was 2015. He has been seen making baits and troll threads from time to time, although almost all of them have failed. He at times, likes to bring up threads relating to computers, this indicates he has a personal interest in computers. Apart from this, not much is known about him.


Note: Bold indicates BurnOfFlames' current primary group.


There is no denying, he is a major supporter of Linux. He can at times be seen indulging in arguments regarding operating systems, notably with Randcomo28.

Remove Price Floors Now!

He is one of the many robloxians against the addition of price floors back in 2013. He was an active poster in his previous main account, Skryptonyte (Deleted in April 10th 2015). Currently, he rarely posts in this group. He does not have much faith that the feature he loathes would ever be removed.


Although, he is not an active member due to its extreme inactivity.

No to 3.0!

Previous Accounts

Note: Bold text indicates that the account was a previous main account.

  • Skryptonyte (Deleted in April 10th 2013)
  • AwesomeShooterz (Deleted shortly after the demise of Skryptonyte)
  • Bannethon (Deleted)
  • Banomite (Deleted)

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