Cause of the "War"

Prior to the Mass Bannings in OT and C&G on July 2nd, 2014. C&Gers thought their homeland will be demolished by the Mods from the picture of katt4ever naked. Many C&Gers decided to migrate to OT and LMAD, some newbag C&Gers called a "raid" on LMAD and OT. A user named Excellous decided to use this "raid" as an advantage to get people in his place called "C&G/OT War" (renamed Bricktops -, posting atleast 3 threads telling OTers to come.

"War" Begins

Many OTers came to kick some C&Ger ass, spamming "OT" in the chat, and jumping while randomly shooting lasers out of the tools. It turned into a 10 v.s. 10 and the War began.

Aftermath of the "War"

OT lost the "War" terribly, the final KOS on both teams being OT - 12 KOS and C&G - 84 KOS. C&Gers bragged and posted threads saying, "LOL OT sucks at RSL" and "WE REKT OT". Many OTers said this was a whole giant joke and they did it for fun while C&G kept being asses.


  • Happened on July 3rd, 2014
  • Match was uneven (OT 8 People v.s. C&G 10 People)
  • A screenshot of the after math was posted (

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